Here Are Some Easy Steps for Beginners On How to Play Slots

Here Are Some Easy Steps for Beginners On How to Play Slots

We have written this guide on how to play slot machines for beginners if you are a total beginner and have never played slots before, or if you have played once or twice and still have questions about how it all works.

Unlike many other sites, specializes in slot machines, and we know every aspect of these games perfectly. We’ll describe how slot machines work, what various symbols mean, how to play them, as well as the rules that determine payouts.

After you finish reading this book, you will know the A-Z of how to play slots properly, even if you have never played before.

A Step-By-Step Guide To Playing Slots For Beginners

Let’s pretend you’re playing the game you see in the screenshot above, so that this guide on how to play slot machines remains simple. This game has a number of progressive jackpots and is perfect for beginners, since it’s simple and has a number of big payouts.

In the example below, you will find a step-by-step explanation of how to ทดลองเล่นสล็อต. Slot machines function essentially the same way, though the software developer may make some modifications.

So, in order to play Mega Fortune slots, you have to do the following:

Step 1

You need to deposit money. To play slots, unless you have a no deposit bonus or you’re playing for free, you have to deposit funds first. Your casino probably has an account or banking section where you can do this.

Step 2

You should determine the number of paylines that you wish to play. There are 25 paylines in this game; however, you can view each payline by clicking on a number on either side of the game screen. Depending on how many lines you want to play, you can choose some other games.

Step 3

You need to decide what the coin is worth. Depending on your coin value, you can bet between £0.01 and £0.50 per spin. As you are betting one coin per payline, you would wager £0.25 if your coin value was set to £0.01.

How to Play Progressive Slots Online?

Step 4

Decide how much you wish to wager. There isn’t a feature like this on all video slots, but this one does. It lets you select between one and four levels. Your bet size increases as you move upward. At level one, if you bet £0.01, your wager size would be £0.25. At level four, if you bet with the same coin value, your wager size would be 4x larger, or £1.

Step 5

To spin the wheel, click the button. Now comes the fun part. Spin the reels to see the symbols spin, and if you land a winning combination, you’ll win. Depending on how many symbols you landed, the value of the symbols, and the size of your bet, you’re likely to win a big payout.

That’s all there is to playing slot machines. The game is easy to master, and it won’t take you long to become proficient. We recommend that you practice playing our free slots until you are comfortable with the process.

The Lines of Slot Machines

There is no How to Play Slot Machines for Beginners guide without explanations of paylines, which often cause confusion among beginners.

You win payouts when you match symbols across paylines. As depicted in the screenshot below, payline one on most slots will run horizontally across the middle row.

Paylines, however, are not always so straightforward. There are many ways that they can be arranged. Below is a screenshot of Mega Fortune payline 10.

It’s not necessary to worry too much about paylines because they can go in many directions. Your winnings will be calculated automatically in video slots. These patterns will not be noticed by you. Symbols that land on an active payline will be indicated on the screen. In addition, the amount you have won will also be displayed.

Knowing How Bonus Rounds Work On Slots

There is a world of difference between modern video slots and the simple fruit machines you may find at pubs and bars across the globe. The bonus rounds of most slots in the best casinos, including Las Vegas, cannot match those of online slots.

To complete our How to Play Slot Machines for Beginners guide, we thought we would explain bonus rounds. The bonus rounds contain many secrets about slot machines.

As a first point of reference, you can always check the paytable to see whether a game has extra features such as bonus rounds.

You can see from the screenshot above which slot machine bonus games are built into the game. It shows how each of them can be triggered as well. If you want to learn how to play the slot machines, you should study the game pay tables.