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Heritage Fencing Benefits

Jim’s Fencing builds and installs a variety of fences for homes throughout Australia. The heritage woven wire fence is one of our favourites and most elegant styles. Check out the rest of our blog post to find out why this type of fence is the best for your property if you’re considering this type of fence.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about our fencing services! No matter what your needs are, we can provide the perfect solution.

Keep It Traditional

Are you the owner of a heritage property? Are you planning a restoration? Would you like to add some traditional fusion touches to your modern home? A Heritage Fencing Brisbane has the obvious benefit of instantly adding a traditional look to your property. Your fence can be painted in federation colours if your home is federation style, and your property will be restored to its original splendor. Get more information about our federation woven wire fencing options by calling us now.

Points Of Difference

There are many homeowners who opt for less-ornate fencing styles that can reduce your property’s value. Heritage style fencing can increase the value of your home during resale – real estate agents and potential buyers are attracted to the extra features your home provides. Now is the perfect time to make a small change and increase the value of your property.

5 Heritage Fencing Ideas - Project | ODS

An Ornate Option

Traditionally, heritage fences are known for their delicate, ornate appearance. With a fence, you can let the beauty of your home shine through instead of blocking it from view. Depending on your needs, you can choose from a variety of timber and wire options for your fence.

By adding your own personal touch to the wiring, you can grow flowers, vines, or shrubbery into the fence, or name the gate.

Fencing Prices For Woven Wire

Although this beautiful fence option can make your home look a million dollars, the cost is one of its greatest benefits. When you consider the ornate quality of this fence, it actually is very affordable to install on your property – especially when you compare it to other popular fencing styles. Please call us on 131 546 if you need a free quote for woven wire fencing.

Easy To Maintain

We use wire woven fence supplies that are durable and easy to maintain here at Jim’s Fencing. A high-strength wire that is corrosion-resistant and sag-resistant is used. To prevent decay, damage from strong weather, and pests, all timber posts are treated. We can maintain or restore an existing woven wire fence if you contact us today for more information.

Jim’s Fencing Can Help You Today

You can get a free quote from us today if you are interested in heritage style fencing. If you’re interested in finding out more about any other styles of fencing, please take a look at the rest of our website. We offer a variety of solutions to fit all the different properties throughout Australia.