Hire The Best Vintage Style Tea Party Organizers

Just picture the scene. There is a table set for tea with flowers, white linen, silver cutlery, fine bone china and, obviously, a delicious array of dainty sandwiches and mouthwatering cakes. Timeless and elegant, a tea party is as perfect a way to entertain today as it used to be centuries ago. However, modern vintage styled teat parties tend to be much less formal and considerably more fun compared to their period counterparts.

It is Vintage Styling, not set in Aspic

As the current interest in all things vintage has undoubtedly been fuelled by the costume dramas, you will not get complaints if your vintage tea party mixes with something that is non-authentic vintage style or other unrelated accessories. A vintage teat event should evoke the styling of a bygone age, rather than slavishly trying to recreate its every single detail. Seed cake and bloater paste sandwiches have made way for the canapés along with the cup cakes in the brave new world of the vintage styled tea party.

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Tea For Two , Or Even Two Hundred

Whether you are organizing a celebration a duex for a wedding anniversary or it is a christening party for your family and friends, or simply a charity event, a vintage styled tea party organized by Grans Best China is just the ticket. Your event will be organized to completely reflect the formality of the occasion, the age, style and interests of your guests. If you are inviting families with kids, then having outdoor games like skittles or croquet will help keep everyone amused throughout the event, whereas a corporate event might call for just a formal tea with classical string quartet playing in the background.

Vintage Event Styling Professionals

An increasing number of services are offering not only vintage China hire, but complete catering and styling services for vintage tea events. The best companies like Grans Best China own large sticks of vintage China and accessories, allowing them to match any theme you opt for any of guests. It could be a botanical product launch, a pink theme charity event, or simply a tea party. It is imperative to find the best vintage specialists and they are going to organize ever single aspect of your event, from catering to styling to table settings. The only thing you need to do here is to choose a venue, invite all your guests and your vintage tea party will be doing magic before your eyes.