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Homecoming Dresses Designed To Perfection

An event is not as unique as the way you could feel when wearing the ideal homecoming dresses.

A new school year begins and with it new experiences. It is established that school is to prepare and study but exceptionally during the first day of class, the last thing you think is in the subjects, exams, and homework. Your youthful spirit only seeks to reunite with friends that you have not seen since the previous student year. And there is no better opportunity to meet them than at the homecoming party. This event is vital to begin the new school year with the right foot, so it also marks the beginning of what can become a glorious year, as it will leave a pleasant memory in our memory. You can make it even more special, the only thing you have to do is look for the perfect homecoming dress.

To help you do it so, JVN, a great brand of dressmaking, recognized for its unique designs that set trend season after season in the haute couture world, has prepared a list with the best tips to look great with your homecoming dresses.

Color and fabric

If the homecoming party coincides with the end of the fall, your outfit should be neither so fresh nor too warm. Remember these words: fun, casual, traditional. Those characteristics must have your homecoming dresses so that it fits perfectly with the evening.

Being a happy and welcoming party, the colors can be bright, with floral patterns. Any colors with light or dark shades go well with the night too.

Regarding the fabric, if you opt for a lightweight cloth dress, such as gauze, tulle or silk transparencies, try to wear, if you’re not sure, a jacket or cape to be able to keep you warm. If you want to go prepared for a possible temperature drop, the velvet, a thick fabric, can be the primary material of your dress. Apart from being thick, has become a trend in the current season 2018.

Dresses that match the type of event

The sequins are almost always the perfect complement for all kinds of dress, but we say “almost” because as it an event to be held at your school, its use is not recommended. It also depends on the style you are looking for, and the touch of bright your final outfit has, if it is not too shiny, you will look great.

At the same time, try not to wear very low-cut dresses. And if you opt for a sleeveless dress that lets you see your shoulders and collars naked, it is worth taking a shawl to cover them. This item can also serve as accessories for your look.

For this celebration, you must choose an appropriate dress so you can demonstrate all your steps on the dance floor. Do not wear a long dress; it will be impossible at the time of the dance, a short dress, which reached the height of the knees, will allow you to move at your leisure all night. The shoes are a fundamental piece for this, do not choose shoes with high heels that are uncomfortable, remember that if walking cause you discomfort, they are not the right ones for you this time.

Do not lose your style

The homecoming dress must work for you. You are the central star, and it is your best weapon. Do not try to pretend to be someone who is not with the dress, and against your personality, attire should bring out the best in you. The perfect homecoming dresses should act as an extension of yours, be your second skin, and accentuate your charm.

If you are demure, and you like to dress soberly and elegantly. A dark dress, minimalist style, with dark and bright embroidery will reflect who you are and how you are on that night that serves as the opening of the school year. Remember that you can always look sexy and elegant at the same time, the formal is not synonymous with bored, everything will depend on how you combine the color, style, and accessories of the dress.

If you are a daring girl, and you reflect it in your way of dressing, a short dress, with lace, will be the best option.