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Hookah Smoking—Some Interesting Tips To Intensify The Experience

Growing popularity of hookah smoking

The hookah smoking or shisha smoking has become www. Journey Offers widely popular among the young smokers. The trend has further intensified with the arrival of electronic hookah and electronic shisha pen devices. With the advent of these pen devices, hookah smoking has becomes quite functional and portable for the enthusiastic smokers. One can also find numerous hookah and shisha bars for experiencing the hookah sensation. Although the safety and health issues related to hookah smoking remain controversial. The working of modern electronic hookah pen devices and electronic shisha pen devices is quite similar to the e-cigs.

Tips for hookah smokers

Following mentioned are some of the interesting and simple tips that can be used for intensifying the experience of hookah smoking.

  • The smokers can try out a number of new and exciting combinations by mixing tobacco with different varieties of e-juice flavors. In this way they can get a new flavor every time. Combining different flavors is totally dependent on the choice and preference of the users.
  • In order to use the tobacco for a long time period, individuals can refrigerate it.
  • Many professional smokers use chilled ice cubes mixed in water for experiencing a cool and refreshing smoking sensation. The individuals can definitely use this tip for having a cool experience while puffing with hookah.
  • In order to avoid any possible clogging and harsh smoking experience, the shaft must be clean with the help of a brush every time when using the hookah.
  • Many professional smokers often add a little quantity of red wine with water in order to have a highly exciting smoking experience. The puffs are much better when red wine is mixed with cold water while using hookah.
  • Make sure that the tobacco is loosely spread in an even manner in the bowl. In this way intense sensation can be obtained. Furthermore it will also prevent the hookah from clogging.
  • The smokers can blow the hookah several times in a hard manner in order to get extremely effective smoking experience.
  • In case the smokers are using the aluminum foil for hookah smoking, they can make small holes into it so that the tobacco is burnt slowly, ultimate providing an intense sensation for a long time.

Now the hookah smoking experience is definitely different for every smoker and it totally depends on the style and the way how users start with the hookah. However by following these simple tips, the smokers can get a better experience.