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How Are You Using The Clash of Clans New Spells Overgrowth?

How Are You Using The Clash of Clans New Spells Overgrowth?

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Introducing the COC Overgrowth Spell

Overgrowth is the newest addition to the Clash of Clans spell list. The name is inspired by the seasonal change that makes its way in as winter retreats. With spring just around the corner, we need something to prepare us for what’s to come. And that means a new way to get your troops into the enemy base.

Players need to have Town Hall level 12 to use the new Clash of Clans spell Overgrowth. First, you need to bring up the Dark Spell Factory to level 6. It grants you this Dark Elixir spell. The Overgrowth spell makes enemy defenses useless. They become invisible and frozen. What does that mean for you? It means that your troops won’t be bothered by them. They will walk past them right into the enemy base. This opens a new path for various strategies.

The Clash of Clans Overgrowth spells does not affect the enemy heroes and troops. It also cannot stop clan castle units from going into battle. The spell leaves debris in its wake. The debris can be cleared by tapping on it. These are similar to the tombstones that remain after a unit is destroyed. The Overgrowth spell takes six minutes to brew. It occupies two housing spaces.

Clash of Clans Gets New Building and Troop Upgrades

The patch that introduces the Clash of Clans Overgrowth spell has more features. It comes with upgrades for buildings and troops. The Elixir Collector and Gold Mine can now be upgraded to level 16 for 2 million gold and 2 million elixir respectively. The Dark Elixir Drill has a new level 10 for 6 million elixir. The Dark Spell Factory, Seeking Air Mine, Hidden Tesla, Scattershot, and Inferno Tower are the other buildings that received new levels.

Several Clash of Clans troops can be taken one level higher after the update. We are talking about the Minion, Baby Dragon, Log Launcher, Hog Rider, and Bowler. The upgrades cost dark elixir or elixir. The Electro Owl gains five new levels from 11 to 15. Dark Elixir is the resource needed for the upgrade. Each level takes eight days to complete. Players that already have Town Hall 11 can upgrade 100 more wall segments to level 17.

The Royal Champion receives two new hero equipment items. At Blacksmith level 11, she gains access to the Hog Rider Doll that calls a pack of Hog Riders as battle companions. At Blacksmith level 8, she can use the Haste Vial that bumps up the movement and attack speed.

The Blacksmith will now be upgraded with Elixir instead of Gold. The Clash of Clans update changes the requirements of the Blacksmith upgrade. You will spend elixir instead of gold from now on. Whether you are looking for a Clash of Clans account for sale or gems, U7Buy provides!

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