How Can You Upgrade Your Tv For 4k Resolution? Let’s Find Out!

Television technology has come a long way from where it initially started off. At first, it was just a simple black and white box that showed a limited number of channels. Then, with the advent of newer technologies and faster upgrades, the TV box changed. It became sleeker, started supporting ultra-high quality display resolutions and went colourful.

You might be thinking that you have an HD TV and that it works fine for you. Well, HD TVs are now a thing of the past. 4K technology is the current technology that is taking over the screens. And, if you haven’t got a 4K TV for your home yet, then, you are definitely missing out on a lot of fun. So, now that you are in this dilemma, what can you do?

Fret not, as we have got you covered. Keep reading to know more.

Why Is It Called 4K?

While 4K may have become the new standard in the industry, many people are still not sure what the term exactly means. Television companies call this new technology as 4K because it shows images that are around 4000 pixels wide.

Furthermore, the images in your TV screen are displayed in 2160p. To put it into perspective, the standard full HD resolution shows content only in 1080p. Therefore, 4K gives you twice the image resolution of full HD and an even more enhanced television watching experience.

High Prices Can Be a Dampener

If you are looking forward to buying a 4K TV, then you might be disappointed by the high prices of these televisions. After all, a new modern day TV can be expensive. Add to that, when you factor in 4K technology for it, the price is only supposed to go one way. And that is up.

So, is there a way out of this problem? Of course, there is.

Get a 4K DTH set top Box for Yourself

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The most cost-effective way out of this problem is to get yourself an incredible dth set top box that supports android box 4k. With a 4K dth set top box, you will be able to mix the very best of both worlds. You can watch content at 4K, and you need not buy a whole new TV as well. This sounds like an amazing deal and yes, it really is!

An android box 4k will not just provide you with the ultra-high resolution on your screens, there is so much more to it as well. It makes your TV smart. Google’s Android TV technology, you get to explore a variety of smart TV features on your normal TV. However, you have to ensure that you get the right dth set top box for yourself.

Smart TV Features that You Can get

Here are some of the features that add to the overall 4K resolution and makes watching TV, a delight for everyone in the house:

  1. Access to Google Play Store’s apps, which have been optimised for the TV. These apps let you play games, watch educational content and a variety of other uses.
  2. The built-in Chromecast device enables you to cast content from your smartphone to the TV, completely wireless!
  3. Use Google’s Voice Assistant to control your TV with just your voice.

Which Set Top Box Should I Go For?

Well, there are a large number of set top boxes and offers out there in the market. To ensure you get a fair deal, it is always a good idea to choose one of the more established players in the market. For example, Airtel’s Xstream dth set top box provides an Android box 4k with all the cool benefits mentioned above.

If you haven’t upgraded to a 4K TV yet, then, what are you waiting for? Shift to 4K quality and mesmerise yourself today!