How Hyderabad Became the Best Luxury Housing Destination in India

Despite the pandemic, the real estate trend in India’s major cities continued its upward trends in 2020 and looks positive even in 2021! Hyderabad has been one of the beneficiaries of the housing market boom in recent and surprisingly, the Luxury housing in Hyderabad is one of the fastest-growing markets in the city, and being a real estate expert, I wanted to highlight how the city has become the best luxury housing destination in the country by looking at the emerging trend of houses in Hyderabad.

A recent survey conducted by reputed news publications has proven that Luxury housing in Hyderabad as a market has grown in 2020 despite the pandemic and people, businesses suffering huge losses! The average cost of houses in Hyderabad falling in the luxury category ranges from anywhere between Rs. 4 cr. to Rs. 12 cr. and these villas and super luxury apartments are some of the fastest-growing properties in the city! Let’s take a look at the real estate scenario at Hyderabad and how it has become a luxury housing destination in India.

  1. Hyderabad as a Business Hub

Hyderabad is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan cities in India and one of the biggest reasons for this growth is the sheer business opportunity the city offers. From Fortune 500 companies to start-up unicorns, businessmen, NRIs, entrepreneurs, and doctors continue to buy luxurious properties which are a testament to the amazing business life at Hyderabad. Being one of the best IT hubs in the country also helps in boosting the real estate market as more and more highly paid software geniuses migrate to the city in search of amazing opportunities and high salaries!

  1. Tourist Hotspots and Activities in Hyderabad

For a city that is world known for being the biryani capital of the world, it should come as no surprise to anyone that one of the main reasons why people do not hesitate in paying good money for top properties is due to the amazing life in the city! Some of the houses in the range Rs. 5 cr. To Rs. 12 have best the best amenities of houses in Hyderabad such as stunning gyms, landscaped garden, swimming pool, tennis courts, and superbly designed community halls! Anyone looking at the upcoming house Project at Hyderabad will find these amenities and that is why the city is one of the best destinations for luxury housing in India!

  1. Most Suitable Location for Houses in Hyderabad

Being a real estate expert and lifelong Hyderabad residents, this blog would be incomplete without me telling which areas and have an amazing Individual house for sale in Hyderabad that falls in the luxury category. With many duplexes and large apartments up for sale, some of the best areas for luxury housing according to the latest and emerging trend of houses in Hyderabad are Gopanpally, Gandipet, Narsangi. If you are looking to buy a prime property with an eye on long term investment, then these are localities that you should be looking at!