How Much Do You Know About Zippers?

How Much Do You Know About Zippers?

Several choices await you in the world of zippers for sewing. However, with such a wide variety of options, some people often find themselves confused and baffled when ordering the zippers that they need for their projects.

To simplify your decision-making process, this post aims to give you some insight into zippers and some of the most important things you need to know about them.

What is the Key Difference Between Today’s Zippers?

A zipper will always mostly be used as a device to fasten or close a bag or piece of apparel. The main difference between zippers lies in their specific application and teeth.

Take a look at the most common types of zippers you can find today:

  • Nylon Coil

Nylon coil zippers are made exactly as how their names suggest. A nylon monofilament is “coiled” to create the teeth. This is sewn onto the zipper tape to produce the final zipper product. These zippers are the favorite used in the luggage and outdoor industry.

You will most likely find these nylon coil zippers in backpacks, suitcases, camping apparel, and tents. The nylon coil zipper’s construction is responsible for its stronger horizontal strength. Nylon coil zippers also ensure that your suitcase doesn’t burst after you stuff all your items inside.

Nylon coil zippers can also be easily repaired if a tooth goes out of alignment. The nylon monofilament corrects itself easily by unzipping and zipping past the part of the misaligned tooth and it usually fixes itself. Also, when it comes to nylon coil zippers, their sliders can be placed on the zipper chain in both directions and the zipper will continue functioning.

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  • Invisible Zippers

Invisible zippers have two types. The first one is the true invisible zipper which is most often used in skirts for men and the second one is the invisible identical or reverse coil zipper. Invisible zippers are sewn into the skirt’s seam to achieve a clean finish.

By closely looking at an invisible zipper, you will notice the zipper tape’s pleats that let the sewer sew to the seam line. On the other hand, an invisible identical zipper (IIZ) is a regular Nylon Coil zipper with a backward orientation oriented to achieve an invisible look. This kind of zipper doesn’t let you sew to the seam since the slider needs room to move.

Invisible Identical Zippers are often used if your design requires a clean finish, and you will need a bigger gauge than that of an Invisible Zipper.

  • Plastic Molded

The Plastic Molded zippers are crafted from acetal polymer extruded through a mold for shaping the teeth. These zippers have perfectly symmetrical teeth which means that a plastic molded zipper’s slider can run in both directions.

Plastic molded zippers are known for their versatility. These are often used on some handbags and apparel. It only depends on the final design’s appearance. Some prefer the zipper teeth’s “chunky’ look and consider it for the design. While the horizontal strength is decent, if a zipper tooth breaks over time, repairing one tooth is almost impossible.

  • Metal

The metal zippers are available in different gauge sizes and finishes. The most common finishes are brass, antique brass, antique nickel, nickel, and gunmetal. Antique copper and copper are also often used, but these are not as common as the rest of the finishes. Different apparel-making industries will choose one finish over the other for the final appearance of the garment.

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