How to Apply a Human Hair Lace Front Wigs?

Human hair lace front wigs are very popular–but how does one actually put them on? The subsequent guide will assist you placed on your human lace front hair wigs; whether you’re new human hair wigs or just want to refresh your memory.

Step One: Prepare Your Head for the Wig.

First, you will need to form sure that your hair is as flat against your head as possible. The simplest thanks to do that are securing it down with bobby pins. If your hair is long, tie it during a ponytail and wrap it into a flat bun before pinning. If you’ve got short hair, you’ll either believe the wig cap to stay it in line or braid it flat against your head or pin it down afterward.

Step Two: Placed on Your Cap.

Now, placed on your wig cap over your flattened hair. You ought to confirm that the cap is simply covering your hairline, and is not too far down–or too far up. Do not forget to tuck away the hair along the nape of your neck that did not make it into the bun or braids.

Step 3: Prepare your Skin for Adhesive.

Human hair lace front wigs use adhesive to remain on, but you cannot put them on your skin without preparing it first. You will need to softly wash your skin with a cleanser and pat it dry first. Next, put some basic lotion onto a pad or plant disease and swipe it down along your entire hairline. Let your skin dry.

Step Four: Fit the Wig.

Do NOT put an adhesive on before you are doing this step. You would like to form sure that the wig is correctly fitted to your head before you secure it down with adhesive. Put the wig on and adjust the tightening straps or make other adjustments as necessary. Remember: The wig must be secure, but not too tight or too loose. Keep the wig on.

Step Five: Trim the Lace.

Now it is time to organize the wig. the primary thing you would like to try to is trim the lace by trimming it along your hairline, being careful to go away about 3 mm of lace intact.

Step Six: Apply your Adhesive.

There are a couple of different sorts of adhesive you’ll use. Here’s the way to use the foremost common adhesives for human hair wigs. Tape: Cut about 6-10 pieces and line them up against your hairline, then remove the liner on the highest. Liquid Bond: Apply the adhesive employing a clean brush along your entire hairline. If you’re employing a soft bond adhesive, you would like to attend until the glue becomes tacky before you’ll move to subsequent step.

Step Seven: Put your Wig on Head.

Carefully and slowly put the wig on your head. The sting of your wig’s hairline should match up together with your actual hairline. Once the wig is within the right place, press the lace onto the adhesive on your skin.

And finally: Style your wig and enjoy