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How to Declutter Your Bedroom Step By Step Process

Decluttering a bedroom can be a daunting and time-consuming job. You’ll  actually want to get it done as quickly and effectively as possible. It’s a significant part of any home remodeling or design project. We often have to deal with cluttered storage areas, and we’ll want to clean that out as soon as possible. Once you’ve decluttered and organized your bedroom, you’ll want to continue the process.

There are many simple tips on how to declutter a bedroom and start working toward a cleaner room. You’ll want to make sure you follow these steps correctly if you’re going to see results. There are the most simple things you can do every day to declutter and clean your room. There’s no need to actually drag yourself out of the garage or arm yourself with a mop or towel. When you’re cleaning, take it one room at a time.

Discard Unwanted Items

One of the first things you’ll want to do is eliminate all throwaway items and everything that isn’t nailed down. You actually don’t want to go through all the trouble of organizing but not have all your things adequately categorized and inventoried. This will be the best way to ensure that you aren’t wasting time searching for something when it’s right in front of you.

You can do this by three process

  • Trash
  • Donate/Give away
  • Keep

List Your Items

Another thing that you’ll want to do is to think about how much storage is needed in the bedroom. It’s easy enough to list the items that are required to declutter and then prioritize them. But you’ll also want to create a color scheme for the room. The color of your walls will reflect off of everything in the bedroom. So you want to make sure everything is in harmony. Make sure that you start at the top of the room and work your way down. If you find a desk that you like, a chair, or a dresser you would like to purchase, place it at the top of the list. Mark it, so you know where to go if you ever change your mind.

Organize Your Room Correctly.

There are many different tips that you can read, watch, or go through online when it comes to organizing. But there are some simple techniques that you’ll want to consider using when learning how to declutter a bedroom. These include:


Once you have organized your room, then you can add in storage for any unused items. If you have many shoes, try putting them into a chest that you can store in your bedroom closet. This is very easy to do, and it will make your bedroom more organized.

After you have thrown away the unwanted items, you’ll want to organize them. This might sound tedious, but it isn’t. There are plenty of things that you could use. You’ll want to create a scrapbook for each room that has a bed in it or a wardrobe. You can create beautiful books by making each one unique.

While reorganizing your bedrooms, use some new shams to add more vibrancy and color to your bedroom. Shams are decorative covers laid over a bed pillow. These decorative pillows add style and elegance to your bedroom and are not meant to be slept on.

Organize Your Cables Properly

When discussing organizing your house by cable, there are two different types of wires: Wired and Unwired. A wired cable is a cable that is run through wall sockets, while an unwired cable is a cable that runs outside the house but is attached internally. Knowing which type of cable to use can determine the effectiveness of your plan. The wires that are run inside the house are connected in series so that when they are correctly arranged, it will be easy to locate where each wire goes. On the other hand, the cables outside the house are unconnected, and it becomes more challenging for you to find out where each wire goes.

Organize Your Bed Properly


The first thing to do is get rid of anything that does not belong in the bed. It would help if you actually tried to get rid of anything not used on the bed, which could mean bedside tables, chests, etc. Once you have actually removed everything from the bed, you should make sure that it is all clean and tidy before putting anything back in the bed. Once you have tidied up the bed and cleaned it, then you need to sit down and think about what you want to put into the bed. If you are planning on buying something for your room that will go into the bed, you need to get it into the bed and make sure that it fits. If you are not planning on buying anything, you will probably need to reorganize the things you already have in the bed to make it look more organized.

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Be Creative

The next tip that you’ll want to keep in mind is to be creative. As long as you should keep in mind these tips, you’ll be able to declutter your bedroom in no time at all. Decluttering is not an easy task. It will actually take you out of your comfort zone, so make sure that you are prepared. These tips should be able to get you started with how to declutter a bedroom.

Start with finding a list of everything that you have in your room. This may acutually seem like a tedious task, but it will be able to help you get organized. You should then actually go through this list and find things you haven’t used in a long time. Then throw away these items. Be creative with how you do this. You might want to consider selling items that you don’t need so that you can save some money.


If you have no idea how to declutter a bedroom, you can hire a professional service to help you out. The cost might be a bit high, but it will save you plenty of time. The service will take each item and break it down into its parts.

After this, you should go back into your bedroom and start organizing the items. It is best if you do this in stages. You can start by taking out all the knick-knacks that you can find. From there, you can move on to other areas of your home.