How to Dress Up – Styling Techniques for Men of All Ages

You’ve likely come across men who dress like teenagers when they’re well over their 30s. And you may have seen men who dress as if they’re professional businessmen when they’ve just hit the 20-year-old mark. Therefore, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to provide you with a dressing guide, so that you can wear your outfits according to your age while also looking good doing so.

But before we dig into the details of it, there’s one thing you should be asking yourself: how do you want the world around you to perceive you? Because one’s dressing is all about perception, and not just their own, but that of the people around them. And yes, it’s fine to not really care about how you’re being perceived through your dressing, good for you. But there are people who do care about how the World is perceiving their outfits, from professionals to people trying to nail their first job interview.

In the end, it’s not about your age, rather about the personality you possess and the style you’re trying to portray in front of the world. And hence, having a guide that can easily get you through this is something you might need. So read along, and see if you find any tips suited to you.

Men Under-to-Early 20s


For men just entering the 20-year-old mark, you’re just starting to develop a relatively permanent personality, and one of the biggest parts of developing this personality is to shape your own wardrobe style to suit it. And if other people’s perception matters to you, you may feel like you want to be taken seriously, and now’s the right time to start investing in this look.

Of course, that doesn’t eliminate the youthful charm you possess during this age. Hence, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to experiment with different styles that can match your youth while also building up to portray your personality.

One of the first things you should do is experiment. Take risks with your look, go for different outfits and combinations, and look for a style that actually resonates with you and feels like your own. You may also want to invest your time and money into altering your clothes to fit according to your build because believe us, the right alterations can change your entire outfit more positively.

That said, keep your trousers casual and smart, i.e. chinos, dark denim, cords, all of these can make you stylish while also maintaining your youthful look. Subtly colorful plaids are also a more mature yet youthfully preferable version of button-down shirts you should own. And remember, accessories can complement your outfit, so feel free to invest in wristwatches to complete your look.

Mid-to-Late 20s


Now that you’re officially in the age where your youth is almost gone, and you’re looking for a more professional experience, your clothes should be no different. This is the time to dress for the career you want, as the saying goes. And it’s already late for you to be investing in your first suit, so if you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Go for a charcoal-colored suit, you don’t need black to display your class. A blazer would also be a recommendation we’d make; it’s a versatile option and much suited to occasions that a suit would make you overdressed, but not wearing one will feel like you’re underdressed. It’s also the age you need to invest in a high-quality leather wallet that will last a long time. Also, if you haven’t already invested in having a dress-shoe collection, now is the time to do so.

Mid-to-Late 30s


Being at an age where you’ve settled down, with a more or less permanent job description, a better idea of where your life may be going, and serious relationships to pay attention to, you’re maturing, and your wardrobe needs to portray that.

Maturity doesn’t mean not having colors in your life, it just means to be so on-point with the clothes you’re wearing, that everyone looks up to you rather than judge you. So, even if you think you now have a properly established style, you must revisit it regularly to hit the right mark.

Replace the clothes you no longer wear and invest in dress shirts that fit you properly, add some bold colors to the wardrobe so that a note of youthfulness still remains in your style. This is also the right time to add some more unique dress shoes to your wardrobe and invest in high-quality outerwear options like jackets or coats.

40s and Above


We’re not saying you’re old, but now you’re definitely an adult, and it’s time to dress like it. With most of your goals now aligned, and you, knowing what works for you and what doesn’t, probably have a much clearer idea of how you need your clothes to be lined up.

This is the time to slim down your garments, investing in some major trends to keep your outfits match with the times. Toss the clothes no longer fitting to you, update your glasses and sunglass collection, buy some new dress shirts with subtle color tones, you don’t need to avoid them entirely, just be mindful of how they’re making you come off, maybe make pastels your new friend.

Don’t go for the usual old-school office outfit, and invest in denim that best suits your personality. It’s okay to choose comfort, but if you really need to attend a very important event, dress shoes are still the only thing to consider. You’ve grown, but you’re still someone with your own individual style statement, so make it instead of becoming mediocre.

This was our guide for men to dress according to their age. If you’re looking for more style tips or want to invest in smart casual outfits, visit FHS Official.