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How to Properly Care for Men’s Shoes

Do you know how to properly care for your shoes? The shoes you wear say a lot about your character and personality. As such, how you take care of them also affects how you show up.

Especially with exotic shoes like crocodile shoes, it’s crucial to have some know-how in how to tend to them properly. With that, here are some tips you can follow:

Keep Them Clean and Dry

Don’t forget to wipe off any accumulated dust or dirt on your shoes after wearing them. For this, make sure to use a stiff brush to reach crevices. Then, use a damp soft cloth or rag to wipe it after and let it dry completely. To protect the leather, you can apply beeswax onto the surface.

If you’re using saddle soap, make sure not to apply too much as it also removes the leather’s necessary oils. It will then lead to brittleness, and eventually, cracking.

Store In a Cool and Dry Place

Remember: the key to long-lasting shoes is keeping them dry. Make sure to store your shoes in a cool and dry place that moisture can’t reach. Preferably, store them inside the flannel bag that came when you bought them and their original box.

Insert Cedar Shoe Trees

Want to keep your shoes in their best shape? You can never go wrong with shoe trees. Inserting cedar shoe trees in your shoes will help retain their original form. Furthermore, the cedar material also absorbs moisture and acts as a natural deodorant.

Prevent Scratch and Damage

Of course, the best way to make your shoes last is to prevent them from getting damaged. However, if it does get scratched, applying mineral oil or neatsfoot oil is your best aid.

Apply the oil evenly on the shoe surface. Then, wipe off the excess using a cloth or rag. After application, let sit overnight and see if it needs a re-coating the next morning.

Condition and Polish

Applying conditioner will help restore your shoes’ flexibility. One of the best products for this is mink oil. Plus, it also helps waterproof the surface of the shoes. Let it absorb for at least an hour and then buff it off using a dry cloth or horsehair brush. This will do the trick for achieving that soft shine.

You can also use a regular shoe polish from time to time for a quick shine. The key is to use just the right amount, let sit for several minutes, and buff using a shoe brush.

Avoid Exposure to These Things

Finally, keep in mind the things your shoes must not be exposed to. Generally, it is these two: water and chemicals.

In case you get caught in the rain, make sure to wipe them off using an absorbent cloth. Then, dry it using a fan. Don’t let it remain wet for too long. Remember: water can sag leather material and make it crack later on.

Another friendly note is to always research shoe cleaning products before applying them to your shoes. Some solvents and cleansers consist of too harsh ingredients. If you’re out of luck, the wrong products might lead to the demise of your shoes’ leather material.

A well-cared-for shoe helps you deliver style confidently and effortlessly. Employing these know-hows will help you keep your shoes last for a long time.