How To Style A Synthetic Wig?

Synthetic wigs are very easy to maintain and require little care, however, some may require “styling” to make it look its best although they have their fiber already set in style. Here is the way to help you style your synthetic wig.

Steps of Styling Your Wig

Wash Your Wig

  • Before washing your wig, brush out knots and tangles with a wide-tooth comb
  • Add shampoo to water and soak the wig in it. Remember not to rub or squeeze it.
  • Gently drop it in and out of the water to remove dirt
  • Hold it under a running tap to rinse it thoroughly. You should not use hot water for it
  • Condition the wig after washing to add originality and luster to it. To do that, add conditioner to water and immerse the wig in it to soak it up
  • Rinse again with running water and leave it to dry. Do not use rollers or any form of heat treatment on it.

Style Your Wig

After air-drying the wig, the next step is to style it. You need to place it on a wig head to have 3600 access to all parts of the wig. Before styling the wig, you need to first spray it with water. The process of styling a wig is different, depending on the length of the hair.

Styling A Short Synthetic Wig

There are two kinds of looks to give a short wig. Either the edgy look or the relaxed look.

For the edgy look, redirect the knots backward and upward by gently rubbing them between your fingers to make it look fuller. To keep this style for long, use a shaping cream to hold it in place. You can also apply the spray to the base only to add volume to the wig.

For the relaxed look, just comb out the bangs to smoothen it out. You may or may not need a shaping cream as the style is very easy.

Styling A Long Synthetic Wig

For monofilament top wigs, you need to create the desired part to style it. Divide the hair with a tooth comb then blow dry it to hold it in position. Brush out the hair following the part to remove tangles.

How To Spray Your Wig

When spraying your wig, start from the rear and work your way to the front. Remember to keep the muzzle away from the hair to lightly saturate the hair. Wait a moment for the spray to settle before disturbing the wig.

Where To Get Synthetic Wigs

There are several stores available today where you can get a synthetic wig. But my go-to store is the Appearanz online store. They have a huge collection of pre-styled wigs. There are the ombre wigs, the colorful wigs, as well as the colored ones. There are also the natural-colored ones in shades of black like the dark elf.

Dark Elf | Black Synthetic Hard Front Wig

The dark elf is a black wavy wig with an adjustable cap and heat-friendly fibers.

My favorite is the Cherry Crown and the Camille.

Cherry Crown | Black Synthetic Hard Front Wig

Cherry Crown | Black Synthetic Hard Front Wig


Camille-Black Synthetic-Hard-Front-Wig

These wigs come in the hard front and the soft front. They are machine-made and beautifully crafted

Bottom Line

You need to give yourself a break from too much hair routine and opt for Appearanz synthetic wigs. Try out these wigs and other complementary product from Appearanz online store. Visit their website to make a purchase.