How to Transform the Exterior of Your Business Premises

How to Transform the Exterior of Your Business Premises

Of course, we all know that first impressions count, especially in the business world, and whatever your chosen industry, your business premises say something about your organisation. If the exterior leaves a lot to desire, this will certainly have a negative impact on the company’s reputation. The following are just a few ideas on how you can brighten up the frontal elevation of your business premises. With so many options available, it can be difficult to choose the right one. There is no doubt that precast concrete is the best option for residential fencing.

Block Paving

If the entrance to your offices has an asphalt covering, why not replace it with dual coloured block paving design? The blocks are square and this provides a solid platform that can withstand commercial vehicles, while block paving is very durable and easy to clean. A power wash will restore the surface to its original state and even removes engine oil stains. With some tasteful edging stones and the right design, you can create an attractive feature to complement the building.

Custom Made Electric Gates

Wooden or metal electric gates for driveways are the ultimate in looks and security. Search online for a leading custom gate manufacturer in your location who employs a team of professional electric gate installers and can design the unit from scratch. There is a choice of materials – stainless-steel, aluminium, wrought iron and seasoned timber – or you could have a combination of materials, such as steel and timber. Of course, you would choose a keyless access system, which enables employees to have unrestricted access and sensors can be fitted on company vehicles, facilitating automated solutions.

Landscaping the Grounds

Investing in the grounds will reap many benefits. Talk to a local landscaping contractor, offer him a budget and see what he can come up with. A nice row of conifers and a well-kept lawn will impress visitors, as would a tidy car park, with new white lines.

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Aluminium Cladding

This can literally transform the front of any building and using state of the art products, you can insulate the building, keeping your energy costs to a minimum. Cladding is not as costly as you might think; search with Google for a local cladding expert, who would be happy to quote for the project. There are interesting articles you can find online that offer various tips on how to improve the exterior of business premises.


If the fencing leaves a lot to be desired, contact a local fencing company, who would be happy to send a representative to your home and you can browse the many designs and choose a material. Of course, the perimeter fencing must be in good working order, to deter uninvited guests and whatever your chosen business, smart fencing will enhance the look of the premises.

The above are just a few ideas on how you can boost the appeal of your commercial property and that will have a positive impact on visitors while also making it a nicer place to work. Of course, any money you spend on building work is tax deductible and by hiring a local gardener, the grounds can be kept looking neat and tidy.

When the exterior of your warehouse or factory undergoes a revamp, this will improve the image of your company, while raising the morale of your employees.

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