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How to Turn a House Into a Home

Anyone with money can buy a house, but only those with a creative flair can make it a home. If one takes a walk through any suburb in Australia, they will see several houses that look quite similar to each other. However, if they went into these houses, each one would tell a different story.

Who or what tells this story? The décor of the house that represents its inhabitants, of course. This claim simply cannot be refuted. The key to turning a place into a home is getting the décor right. It must tastefully represent the people and pets who live in it. These days, many people do not have the time to visit a store and check for décor that fits. Thankfully, there are online décor stores like La Casa Vita, which sell unique luxury home décor.

But before getting on buying furniture and home décor, here are some tips on turning a house into a home.

Get Creative with the Lighting

Having simple lights of the same colour or style is boring. Mix it up a little. If it’s a child’s room, it should reflect the child’s personality. Purchase lamps, lights and other lighting ornaments that will reflect a common theme. One can add their personal touch to store-purchased lamps by painting them if they are the artsy type.

Memories tell stories

An essential part of making a home that reflects the lives of its people is adding photos. Some people even go as far as dedicating an entire wall to pictures of various people and moments of significance. Try to get different frames for each image to offer some versatility, but this choice entirely depends on the individuals. Adding pictures in the house will help personalise it into a home.

Rugs are Important

It is no secret that a home with taste is a home with rugs. Rugs add a unique touch to every room. One can sense the loss of a rug right after its removal. It can be all on, all of or front on, but it will bring something to the table (pun intended). La Casa Vita sells some spectacular luxury home décor, rugs included. Finding rugs that go with the colour scheme of each room is recommended.

Put up some new curtains.

Every house has a theme, and this theme is reflected heavily by the curtains in that house. The difference between the theme of each room and the house’s overall theme comes from the curtains. One should consider the window shape and the lighting allowed into the room before purchasing curtains.

Shelves that float

While traditional standing shelves are great, floating shelves represent a modern home. This floating shelves trend has become widespread in Australia because it adds style to each room. These floating shelves come in various designs, colours and sizes, which means there is one for just about any kind of space. It is easy to personalise these shelves by painting them as well. Not to mention, they double up as convenient storage spots.

It is possible just to add a bunch of items to an online cart and checkout. With these tips, however, one can be sure they are paying for the right things. Happy decorating!