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How To Wear Makeup That Lasts During Summer?

For many, summer is a season to look forward to. It means going to beaches and going on road trips with friends. The warm weather also poses great opportunities to show off your sun-kissed skin with some great makeup looks.

One thing that is not fun about the summer months is how easy it is to sweat the makeup off when you go out. A cute outfit isn’t cute anymore when matched with foundation melting off your face, don’t you think?

During the sweaty season, there are some adjustments your makeup routine needs to have the products stay in place the whole day. Here is a guide to making your summer looks on points and sweatproof!

Keep Makeup Looking Great in Summer

To keep your makeup intact as you go out and about this summer, make sure you follow these steps!

Lighten your Skincare Routine.

If in the winter, you need to go heavier on the moisturizing part of your routine, the summer requires you to go the more lightweight route. During this time, you should instead use lighter moisturizers (or none at all!) and instead focus on good cleansers. Exfoliating your skin becomes extra importantly also during these warm months when you tend to sweat it out.

With the heat and sweat also come more oiliness and, unfortunately, acne. Respond to those breakouts immediately by using facial washes with benzoyl peroxide. Washes with these ingredients help counter the overproduction of sebum and oil.

The More Sun Protection, the Better.

Sunscreen is important to use whatever the season, but re-application is even more important because of how much you sweat during the summer. Retouch your sunscreen every two hours, especially when you are out, to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays.

Choose a sunscreen that is broad-spectrum and has SPF 30 at least. It helps to use waterproof sunscreen, too, to make sure it sticks to your skin even through the moisture. Don’t forget to cover all bases and use sunscreen on every exposed part of your skin, even using sun-protecting lip balm.

Use A Good Primer.

If you want to keep your makeup on your face throughout the day, invest in a great primer that lets your products stick without feeling too heavy on the face. Apply your trusty primer after moisturizing and right before you dab on your makeup. Some of the best primers in the market even have blurring effects that tone down the appearance of pores and fine lines.

Lighten your Makeup Routine, too.

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With the heat already making the skin feel sticky, layering on too much makeup only makes you feel greasier and ickier. Dial it back with the foundation and instead just dab concealer on the parts that need coverage. You can also opt for tinted moisturizer or sunscreens so that you only add one layer for a product that accomplishes two things for you.

Put your highlighters and shimmers on vacation, too, so that the shine on your face will not be over the top. Opt for matte products than creamy or oily ones to calm down the natural shine of your face due to the humidity.

Experiment with Bright, Warm Hues.

Now that you’ve got the skincare down, time for the even more exciting part: choosing the season-appropriate makeup for you! Summer is the perfect time to try out happy, sunny colors that you may not usually use.

If bold colors are not really your thing, try out a pop of color instead. Use a slightly brighter lipstick shade, a warm blush, or an eye color in a shade you haven’t tried before. Top it off with some bronzer, too, to emphasize that summer glow you have going on.

Finish up with Setting Spray.

Finally, make sure your summer makeup stays in place by applying setting spray after finishing your makeup routine. Many setting sprays in the market work over time to act as a shield for your makeup, so it also helps to invest in a great, tried-and-tested setting spray.

Aside from keeping your makeup on, multitasking setting sprays also soothe and cool the skin during the summer. If you have sensitive skin, opt for an alcohol-free spray that will not irritate your skin.

Summer is a great time to try on new makeup styles, but it’s best enjoyed with foolproof skincare and a makeup routine that keeps your skin clear and allows your makeup to really pop.