Ideas For Revamping Your Exterior Relaxation Space

Relaxation Space

Summer is in full swing here in Australia and it is never the wrong time to do a little home improvement, especially with your terrace area, where all the family like to relax. Casting a critical eye of the terrace will likely lead to a few ideas for improvements, and with that in mind, here are some cost-effective ways to make your patio more attractive.

  • Bespoke Shading – Of course, you will have shading but if you have a couple of umbrellas that are fading fast, why not invest in a bespoke retractable roofing system? If you are using one wall of your home, this is enough to install a retractable roof and you can even fit sun sensors that move the shading automatically. Having the option of being in the sun or shade is useful and with a professional installation, you can look forward to many years of trouble-free use.
  • Re-Tile the Terrace – Check out the stunning outdoor floor tiles from Amber Tiles where you will find the best products at trade prices, plus a range of attractive fixtures and fittings to enhance the new setting. Some types of stone do not retain heat, which is great when barefoot in the hot summer months and if you are planning DIY, you can save a lot on labour costs.
  • Outdoor Lighting – LED solutions have given us so much of a choice when it comes to outdoor lighting, with floor-level options that bring on a warm glow in the early evenings, plus they are low-energy units which save you money. LED strips can be hung from trees or fitted under window frames to give your terrace the Disney look. A quick look at the online lighting store will reveal a wide range of light fittings and you can create a warm and inviting ambience for those cosy evenings. You might prefer wall lighting, which is often a favoured way to illuminate the patio.
  • Create an Outdoor Kitchen – There are bespoke solutions online and with your BBQ area and a few stainless-steel cabinets and a small fridge, you can prepare food outside while entertaining friends. A large garden centre would have several kitchen models in a real-life outdoor setting, which allows you to fully experience the layout. Choose one side of the terrace and with a table and chairs nearby, you can cook and eat in close proximity. Of course, everything depends on available space and if it is on the small side, made to measure units are ideal and with sliding doors into the home, bringing food out to the table is easy.
  • Create a Central Feature – It might be a water fountain that you look out on from the terrace, or perhaps a small pond and rockery with a flowing waterfall; there are some stunning examples if you use Google Images and you might find something ideal.

If you are thinking of replacing your outdoor furniture, take a look at resin-wicker suites, which are comfortable, functional and very durable, and with washable cushion covers, your relaxation area will always be clean and fresh.

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