Is Porcelain Paving Better Than Natural Stone?

When it comes to outdoor flooring, natural stone has been an extremely popular choice among many homeowners thanks to its natural aesthetic and feel. But in recent years, more and more indoor and outdoor living spaces are getting redesigned using porcelain tiles and paving. Why? We’re here to give you the rundown on why porcelain is quickly becoming the flooring choice for so many homes and gardens up and down the country.

Why Choose Porcelain?

Less Maintenance than Natural Stone

The first benefit that porcelain outdoor tiles has over their natural stone counterparts is extremely low-maintenance, a factor which has grown in popularity with so many homeowners in recent times. Natural stone paving tends to vary in porosity, which is the amount of water the stone holds onto. Some natural stone products have high levels of porosity, whereas others have low levels. Porcelain, however, is near enough completely non-porous, absorbing less than 0.05% of surface water.

Many natural stone products such as sandstone, for example, require regular sealing to protect the surface layer and body from water damage, this can become very tiresome and inconvenient and can lead to a higher build-up of ingrained dirt which can ruin the beautiful look of your floor and making it more slippery. Porcelain paving, on the other hand, never requires sealing and remains water-resistant for years, meaning you’ll never have to worry about your floor being susceptible to water damage – perfect!

More Durable and Long-Lasting

Another great advantage that porcelain paving boasts over natural stone products is its incredible durability and long-lasting nature. This is all thanks to a process known as vitrification! Vitrified porcelain products are produced using a combination of special materials such as clay, quartz and silica, which gives them a sturdier and robust finish. This also results in a much smoother surface, making porcelain products easier to clean and maintain.

Greater Sustainability

If you’re someone who cares about their impact on the environment and is always looking to make more sustainable choices, then you’ll be glad to hear that porcelain paving is a eco-friendlier option than natural stone paving!

Porcelain paving is often made using raw materials that are sourced using methods that have a minimal impact on the environment with very little waste. Any waste produced during the production of porcelain paving is placed right back into the manufacturing process to make more porcelain products. The materials that are used are also sourced from areas that local to the production site, therefore cutting down the carbon footprint as a result of reduced transport.

Due to porcelain paving never requiring any waterproofing agents, varnishes or resins, harmful chemicals are never exposed to the air, unlike with natural stone paving.

These are just a few of the many reasons why porcelain paving is a better choice for your next indoor and outdoor flooring project. With such a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from also, you’ll never be left wanting natural stone ever again!

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