Jewellery Trends We’re Obsessed with This Winter

Just because it’s getting colder outside, it doesn’t mean that fashion has gone into hibernation. In fact, quite the opposite! At Jewel Tree London, we relish the arrival of winter jewellery trends. Once the buzz of the holidays begins to fade, it’s our jewellery that helps pull us through those long dark days until the signs of spring arrive. Plus – new year, new you; winter is the best time to play around with a new trend!

From the hottest gemstone of the season to ultra-cool stackable rings, we’ve rounded up 5 of the best winter jewellery trends.

Gold Vermeil

During these nippier months, we want to do all that we possibly can to stay warm. And when it comes to choosing our metal of the season – gold leads the way. This warming colour makes us feel a little cosier when the temperatures plummet. Gold is also linked to multiple health benefits which range from fighting off the symptoms of seasonal colds to regulating our body temperature. So you might consider some gold jewellery as essential as your vitamin C tablets.


But we know what you’re thinking. Gold is pricey, right? Well, fortunately, this season we have the budget-friendly alternative to pure gold. Gold vermeil is a form of high-quality gold plating over silver sterling. That means you get durability at an affordable cost!

Browse the jewellery collections at your local independent boutique to find your own gold vermeil necklace, earrings or bracelets.

Stackable Rings

‘Tis the season for nursing mugs of hot chocolate, fragrant mulled wine and pumpkin spice lattes on the go. And there’s no better way to accessorise your winter warmer than with some stackable rings!


Stacking rings have been big all year and they’re here to stay for the rest of the season. When you’re bundled up in your coat – adding some sparkle to your fingers is an instant boost for your winter style.

To achieve this look, you can rummage through your jewellery collection to find rings that you’ve not worn for a while. Stacking them up breathes in a new lease of life into forgotten pieces. Alternatively, you treat yourself to some brand-new bands in the January sales!

Statement Necklaces

winter is all about turtlenecks and cosy knits. but sometimes we can lose sight of accessories amongst all that wool!


fortunately, this season’s jewellery collections are rife with statement necklaces that will heat up your winter woollies. the possibilities are endless; you may choose a chunky gold vermeil necklace, chain-link or an on-trend lariat chain.

when you do wear a bold necklace, go easy on the rest of your accessories. let your necklace take centre stage and lead the way. it really is all that you need to master this winter trend.

Hoop Earrings


Hoop earrings are always dipping in and out of fashion trends, and this year they made their reappearance with gusto. Whether you choose a nifty pair of ‘huggies’ or a pair that an acrobat could dance through – your hoop earrings put you right on trend this season. They add the final touch to your little black dress and look oh-so-chic with a beanie or beret whilst you pop to the shops or go for a stroll.

The entire team at Jewel Tree London is in agreement that hoop earrings are an essential staple of any jewellery box. They bridge the gap between the different decades and coordinate well with other pieces in your collection.

Onyx Gemstones

With its protective qualities, its versatility and its variety of colours, onyx is a firm favourite in our workshop at Jewel Tree London. In fact, we have entire jewellery collections dedicated to this special gemstone! And that’s why we’re thrilled to see so much emphasis on this unique jewel this season.


Available in colours ranging from black to red to green, there is a shade of onyx for everyone. You can wear it to winter parties, whilst at work, and even for special occasions. Honestly, you’ll struggle to find a stone that is so adaptable!

Onyx is also a terrific choice as a pendant with a gold vermeil necklace chain. With the protective qualities of onyx and the health attributes of gold – you’ll make it through winter unscathed!