Learn how to wear Earrings Hygienically and Care Tips

Globally, earrings are the most worm jewelry. Both genders wear them for fashion and to complement their outfits. It can be part of a culture and fashion statement for people around the world. The practice dates back to thousands of years. It was common for civilized communities, and people still fancy them in modern society.

Know your Style

There are many kinds of earrings, from simple studs to hoop earrings. They come in different designs and materials. A person can have earrings as his/her signature styles or use them occasionally. However, it is advisable to select jewelry that is best for the shape of your face. Not all earrings will look good on you, and it is crucial to know what suits your style. Since there are many adorning earrings, it is essential to practice good hygiene when using them. Poor management of jewelry and piercings can cause infections to the ear. Read on to gain valuable insights.

The Preparation

Putting the earrings on is not tasking whether it is the first time or not. However, before wearing any form of jewelry it is critical to sanitize them. It is impossible to see bacteria, and you need to clean the earring every time you plan to wear it. The process entails pouring alcohol on cotton wool and wiping through the item. You can soak the studs in the liquid but be careful as it can corrode some metal and make them lose their texture. There are other alternatives to alcohol you can purchase to disinfect and clean earrings.

Kindly do not neglect the ear-piercing as you need to apply some jelly to make it easy to wear. If it is your first time, ensure to have a professional pierce your ears.


Some people may find it challenging to get earrings in piercings, but you need to relax and not try to force it through. You can try moving it gently to locate the piercing outlet. Pulling the lobe downwards is a trick that can help in getting the earring in quicker. Ensure that the hook goes through to avoid losing one of them while walking. Over time, the piercing will grow wider as you wear ornaments at the same location.


You can use the mirror to avoid injuring yourself when removing earrings. Start removing from the back as most will have something holding it. You remove it from the front of the lobe, and you need to store them safely in a storage box.

Tips for Earring Care

  • Apart from the earring looking good on you, it is essential to ensure they are comfortable too. Wear earrings the right way to get the best appearance from them.
  • Disinfect the pair after using them and before storing.
  • Piercings can close, and it is vital to wear earrings to prevent it from happening. You may find it challenging to get it if you stay long without putting it on.
  • Covering the metallic part with nail polish can eliminate skin irritation when wearing, especially if the piercing feels itchy.