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Liat Kourtz Oved Equips Coverme To Help Step Up Your Game With Accessories


Is Wearing Fashionable Attire Enough?

Can you get an eye-catching, jaw-dropping look by just investing in a suitable outfit?

Well, if you think that’s all you need to make your heads turn, then I am so sorry to pop your bubble. Because you can have as many clothes as you want, but it’s the accessories like bags and hats that create a strong style statement.

Good for you, CoverMe has got your back. If you’re new to accessorizing, this site has a good collection of reliable items to update your wardrobe.

Allow Me To Walk You Through It!

This one-stop e-commerce store by Liat Kourtz Oved has got you covered with its decent collection of bags, hats, scarves, jewelry, bottles, and cups. Basically, everything you need to step up your everyday looks.

You might be wearing just a plain white tee and denim jeans, but adding a good crossbody bag (bonus points if it’s a designer bag), along with a thin lilac plaid scarf, paired with a drinking bottle that has trumpet flowers, will not only beat the heat but also add an element of uniqueness to your outfit (who even knew drinking bottles can be a fashion accessory too). You just perked up a simple boring everyday outfit. Congratulations!


You can turn any outfit into a million-dollar look with the latest trending fashion accessories, and they don’t even have to overburden your pocket. CoverMe has a wide range of trendy and stylish bags, hats, and very affordable bottles.

One look at their hat collection, and you will be jumping up and down with excitement because they are just so cute and in-tune with summers. Not only are they great for protecting your head from the sun, but they look adorable and stylish.


They are lightweight and are foldable, too, so you can easily pack them in your bag when not needed. CoverMe’s bold colors and fun prints are perfect for a summer beach look. The tie-dye hats and the blue pineapple bob hat with their full-color hues and bright, vibrant style genuinely spark joy.

Wait till you land on their Kambukka bottles and cup page! They have so much variety, including those for children too, that you won’t be able to settle just for one piece. Their bottles and cups are perfect for summer. Not only will they hold your fancy drinks and smoothies without them leaking or getting warm (if you get the bottle from their insulated series), but their color theme screams long beach days and pastel-colored sky.


Liat Kourzt Oved often says a “woman can never have enough handbags.” Therefore, she has equipped CoverMe to ensure that every woman can fulfill her desires. Soft colors of sunrise, bold hues of the sunset, and pristine shades of the blue lagoon will not let you keep your hands off their bags collection. Their structured bags will have you on your knees with their perfectly straight lines and symmetry. Simply gorgeous.

So do not hold back this season. CoverMe is here to keep you looking trendy and summer-ready!