Most Groundbreaking Timepieces Casio Has Produced

Most Groundbreaking Timepieces Casio Has Produced

Casio is among the world’s largest and most respected Japanese electronics firms. The company has produced new timepieces with innovative concepts and technology over the years while retaining some of its cherished classic parts. We will discuss some of the brand’s best launches, its history, and a closer look at some of the best watches in the sections that follow.

Engineer Kashio Seisakujo created Casio Computer Co., Ltd. in 1946 in Tokyo, Japan, and his first popular item was a finger ring pipe that enabled smokers to smoke hands-free. Kashio and his brothers Yukio, Kazuo, and Toshio utilized the proceeds from the pipes they sold in 1949 to build calculators that were first unveiled in 1954–a groundbreaking calculator that used an electromagnet known as a solenoid. Enhancements persisted in the years that followed, finally enabling the brothers to manufacture an electronic office calculator. Here are some of their stunning timepieces now.

Oceanus OCW-T150-2AJF

Test out the Casio Oceanus OCW-T150-2AJF, which has a more aesthetically pleasing dial than the other Oceanus designs. The dial is light blue with dark blue highlights, and apart from the small date window next to 3 o’clock, it just has a battery charge alert feature to notify you when the battery is about to drain out of juice. The needle location automatic correction mechanism is one of its most useful features. This tests the location of the needle regularly to guarantee that the watch still displays the correct time. It also has a world time feature that can represent a daylight saving time function and 29 time zones.

Sapphire MTS-100L

Some consider the MTS-100L to be the finest £50 watch you can purchase, and it is one of the lowest-priced quartz dress pieces you can get for the cost of a meal out. It complemented the chapter ring’s subtle detailing, as well as the excellent configuration and specs. An additional 10-year battery set, 50-meter water resistance, and the sapphire crystal this apart from the slightly cheaper dress watches.

You can find them in three colors: white, black, and blue. Each is similar to the SNKL20 collection of automatic Seiko watches but at a lesser cost. The finishing isn’t quite up to the standard of the Edifice products, but at first glimpse, it appears to be a far costlier watch.

Duro Dive Watch

The MDV-106, perhaps the cheapest dive watch available, has a loyal fanbase. This watch, also known as the ‘Duro,’ is considered to be among the most robust for the value. These are frequently available for little as $50, which is an awesome accomplishment given the degree of finishing and the 200-meter waterproofness ranking. They launched a new two-color version, one in blue and one in gold. With a radius of 44 mm, this is not a watch for the thin-wristed person. However, if the size is right for you, you’ll get a monster of a watch that will represent you well at sea or on land.

Casio G-Shock GST-W330D-1AJF |

EFV-120D & EFV-130D

The EFV-120D and 130D are various amazing options. These are a more contemporary take on the diver style, with a higher degree of finishing, rotating bezels, and complete stainless steel construction than the Duro. They’re both equipped with steel bracelets by design and are significantly smaller in size than the MDV-106, so they’re both worth exploring. The angular shape of the 120D is similar to that of the former Royal Oak homage, except with the curvy coin-edge bezel on top.

Super Illuminator

If you need a submersible watch with improved low-light visibility, look no farther than Casio ‘Super Illuminator.’ Although it is more unstable than existing dive offerings, at 13.8 mm thick, it does include many distinctive properties, such as the intriguing skeletonized handset and the domed mineral crystal. The ‘Super Illuminator LED backlight device, which reflects from the top and bottom of the dial to offer a better sight of the time, gives this watch its name. This is triggered by pressing the pusher at the 2 o’clock spot. Interestingly, it also has conventional fluorescence somewhere, but it isn’t particularly long-lasting or bright.

Beside BEM-sl100d-2a

The legendary ‘Beside’ BEM-SL100D is among the most famous Casio watches that no one seems to be able to locate. His one vanished on the wind’s sounds years ago and had not come to the marketplace yet. It has a marked impact, with a lovely marble-look dial and a circular polished flat bezel. With a variety of appealing colorways and complete steel construction, this is probably the best-looking Casio ever made, depicting an inexpensive Patek Philippe/AP hybrid. The detailing does not compare to true luxury watches, but if you can spot one without charging a premium, you’re a lucky one.


The gold-colored AQ-230 might be worth considering for a short dash of bling-bling. This one blends a condensed analog clock face with a mini digital display underneath, resulting in a pleasant vintage look at a cheap cost. This watch can be configured to display two times at once, which could be a nice option for all who often travel to see family. Unlike some other Casios, it has drilled lugs that let users swap out the bracelet for a different strap. There are many colorways accessible, but be aware that some of these are considered to be counterfeit; thus, give heed to who the dealer is. Surprisingly, trying to fake cheap Casios is a trend, and this design is well-known for it.

In A Nutshell

A Casio website will provide you with simple navigation to the brand’s shops around the world. Casio recommends that consumers only buy from registered sellers who show a dealer badge. That is why it is safe to use sites like to acquire your own timepiece. Make sure to check out this site! No need to go out and look for an authorized shop.

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