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Multifunctional Furniture Ideas That Are Perfect For Small Spaces

When you have a smaller space, it is better to prioritise function. Not to say that the aesthetics don’t matter; however, small spaces require you to be creative with space utilization and functionality. If you are looking for some inventing and super cool multifunctional furniture ideas that will enhance small living-room-design, then read ahead-

Foldable Dining Table

If you have a small space, then having a full-blown dining set is probably not the best idea. Not only will it occupy a lot of space and come in the way, it will also be inconvenient to put other furniture around. What you need for your small room design is a foldable dining set that you can open and close as per your usage. Just extend it to create a casual dining table for meal times and then fold it back when you don’t need it. These dining tables are available in stunning designs!

Mirror with Accessory Cabinet

A super cool idea to save up space in your small room design is to merge your mirror and make-up storage together. This mirror will open up like a door and hold up your accessories, make-up, body products, and the like. It is a unique way to design your morning ‘getting ready’ space.

Compact Futon

Whether you plan to lounge on it during the weekend or to entertain guests, if you have a small space, a compact futon does a brilliant job. It is multifunctional in every way- not only does it look beautiful in the living room, it doubles up as a bed or couch. You can sit on it, sleep on it, or just lay on it. Plus, it comes in lovely designs, patterns, and colours.

Ottoman with Storage

This is one piece of multifunctional furniture that will sit in the corner and occupy minimal space. Although they look quite small, Ottomans are super comfy and can hold your extra blankets and sheets- they are very spacious as well. Not just that, they are also strong, durable, and sturdy. You’ve got yourself a good deal!

Extendable Coffee Table

Getting a lift-top, extendable coffee table is a smart way to save space in your home-design. This coffee table can store your magazines, newspapers, books, and even remote controls. It also provides additional support if you want to sit on the couch and work on your laptop- you can easily convert it into a mini workstation.

Bed with Storage

Don’t waste the space under your bed! Get a platform storage bed that comes with extra drawers to keep all the extra pillows, bed sheets sets, and bedroom essentials. It’s the perfect way to be multifunctional with your bedroom home design.

Headboard Cum Bookshelf

Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t need to have an extra bookshelf or bedside table to keep your books? Now you can just have a headboard with a built-in bookshelf to keep all the bedtime story books there. It is easy and convenient, saves space in your home and you don’t even have to get up; your favourite books are just an arm’s reach away!