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Do You Need to Undergo Marriage Counseling Toronto?

When you got married to the one that you love, you believed that it is going to have a fairytale ending. You know that you have met the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with and it does not matter how long you have been together. All that matters is that you are happy from the time of your courtship, your brief relationship and your wedding day. There was not a thought in your head about needing marriage counselling Toronto.

That is, until today. You did not think that it would be one challenge after the other ever since you have gotten back from your honeymoon. Your life is starting to form a new routine and it may not be something that you particularly like. The person that you thought you would like to share the rest of your days with may be the person who makes you cringe on the inside. You know that the love is still there but there are a lot of other emotions that you cannot control at present time. If you feel this way, you may need couples counselling Toronto.

How will you know if it is already time to consider getting counselling or if you are just trying your best to meet each other halfway? The first sign that you need to undergo counselling is when you are not talking to each other anymore. When you fight, you are still trying to communicate even if it is with raised voices and with exaggerated hand gestures but you are still trying your best to work things out. When you do not talk anymore, this is a sign that you do not know how to communicate with each other. The help of a therapist may help find new ways to rebuild the communication lines.

There are even times when you are afraid to talk to each other anymore because you know that past issues will come up and it will escalate to a fighting match between you and your partner again. In order to avoid this from happening, you just do not talk to each other or you talk about things that do not really interest you just to show that you are okay though you both know deep inside that you are not.

One of you would always punish the other person when one does not behave accordingly. For example, does your partner punish you by giving you the silent treatment when you do something that he does not like? This can be a problem because in your relationship, there shouldn’t be anyone who is being punished for being himself or herself. If you and your partner have this type of relationship, you can benefit a lot from seeing Ellen Starr counselling Toronto for your needs.

Another reason that you cannot ignore is when you both keep secrets from each other. A relationship is not true nor genuine when you try to hide things from your partner for different reasons. You may feel that it is because your partner is going to judge you or you will be misunderstood but actually, this may be because you have grown uncomfortable towards each other. Remember that privacy is different from keeping secrets. Marriage counselling in Toronto may help save your marriage.