Standing Out in Today’s Follow the Leader Fashion World

If you have been to any of your favourite high street stores or large shopping malls, you might have noticed something. Besides the fact that fewer people are wearing masks and everyone seems to be a bit happier thanks in part to the lockdown restrictions being lifted and the pandemic subsiding. No, this difference is in the store windows, on the shelves and clothing racks, and in the shoe stores. And to be honest, the difference that you are seeing is that everything is very much the same.

It All Looks The Same

It can be difficult to differentiate between one designer’s latest clothing line and another’s. While many are quick to blame COVID for this as the pandemic made it difficult for designers to create anything new, this trend of follow the leader has been happening for years in the fashion world. In fact, it wasn’t until the 90’s, when we saw a lot of hand painted clothing in the hip hop world, that we saw anything unique.

Something New, Different, And Unique

This isn’t the designer’s fault at all, as nobody is really trying to copy anyone else, it’s just every designer and label stick with what’s trending and everyone is afraid to step outside of that box. Fortunately, there are talented artisans who are willing to help you stand out by offering hand painted sneakers and custom painted trainers.

With Koko Art, you can have your sneakers custom painted with your design or with something that one of our talented artists creates. Not only will this help you stand out and avoid the follow the leader fashion culture, but it enables you to wear a beautifully designed, custom painted work of art. Custom painted trainers from Koko Art are carefully crafted using colour-fast paints which will help keep your trainers looking fresh no matter where you wear them.

Hand painted sneakers can be worn just about anywhere as they are no longer your ordinary pair of shoes. These wearable works of art stand out in the crowd and show off your own personal sense of style while being stylish and one of a kind.

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