Steps to Follow Right Hair Care Routine

Establishing a hair care routine for yourself is just like starting a skincare routine. Once you find what products suit your hair the best, it will be easier to keep up with the hair-care routine.

But the process of establishing what routine works best for your hair can look a little tiring and daunting, especially when there are several options for people with a similar hair type.

This article properly states and breakdowns everything one must know to find the hair care routine that’s best for them.

First Figure Out the Hair Type

To begin with a proper hair care routine, one must first out what their hair type is. Hair types can be thick, coarse, or fine. They fall into the four categories listed below:

  • Curly
  • Wavy
  • Straight
  • Kinky

Each hair type has its qualities, which need a bit of understanding. For example, straight hair feels and looks oily quicker than curly hair. It is easier for the oil to make its way down the hair strand quicker in straight hair.


Cleansing the scalp is first in the process of hair care ritual. Cleansing establishes a fine balance between eliminating things like product residue and dead skin.

Make sure to apply the shampoo on the scalp and avoid the hair strands. This way, the hair is not stripped of its natural oils.

A good wash is necessary to remove sebum from building up. If the dead skin is not removed, the hair is left with unwanted greasiness.

If you are a swimmer, then remember to properly wash chlorine from your locks. The longer it is in the hair, the more it strips hair of its natural oils and causes harm.

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Conditioning is like moisturizing your hair. Other than moisturizing the hair, frizz reduction, shininess, and detangling the hair are important steps of taking proper care of the hair.

The main ingredient – cationic surfactant – must be present in the conditioner.

This ingredient stickers to the hair when it is wet. It coats the shafts to nourish the hair and replenish it with moisture that shampoo has removed during the wash.

Moisturize and Seal

Hydrating your hair is always the most satisfying step. This is a two-step process that includes moisturizing and sealing. This is especially useful for dry and unruly hair.

The motive is to seal the moisture in the hair and to keep the dryness away. Using Olaplex Juuksehooldus products and sealing oil will keep the dryness from locking in.


Detangling is an important step of the process. It helps to stop breakage and make lives so much easier.

But using the right tool, like a wide-tooth wooden comb, helps the hair to detangle easily without much breakage.

It depends on the hair type if you need to detangle hair every day or often.

Style and Protect

With the help of several products like gels and volumizers, you can shape and style the hair any way you want.

But if you are using heated tools, you will need to protect the hair strands with a heat protection spray.

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