Taking Your Body Back: How to Feel Yourself Again

Have you lately been feeling worn down, maybe more exhausted than usual, or just plain uncomfortable in your own skin? You might find yourself avoiding the mirror more often. Or maybe you hide parts of your body from people that, in the past, you would not have minded showing off. Fear not, you’re not alone in this. It’s completely normal to have trouble accepting the changes that time can have on your body, and better yet, there are things you can do about it.

Fighting time and getting back to your prime body may be unrealistic. But looking and feeling good in your current body is not only realistic but attainable. It may benefit you to take some time to sit and think about the possible underlying reasons. Explore why you have been feeling less and less uncomfortable in your body as of late.

Focus on things about yourself that you can change for the better, such as your health. Working on cultivating a healthier lifestyle can help you reframe your thoughts. Focus on your physical well-being and what this means. Separate them from your negative thoughts about your body’s shape or your weight.

Look at diet and exercise through the lens of health instead of body shape, and change your goals to match this. Explore proactive measures you can take to ensure a better aging process. That will help you change your pre-existing ideas about your body and mind. Heart rate training is one method by which you can look at exercise from a health perspective. Rather than orienting your workout goals towards how much weight you want to lose, or how many inches you think you need to trim off your waist.

Of course, not everyone’s body image issues can be solved by having a healthy mindset and lifestyle. Sometimes it may just be a matter of not feeling like yourself in your body. Often misconceived as superficial, cosmetic surgery or treatment is a valid option for those who are unhappy with certain physical features that they have. This may be a mole removal or adjusting the shape of your nose, but if it helps you feel comfortable in your body, feel at peace with yourself, and boost your confidence, this is an attainable option for many people.

There are many such ways in which you could go about adjusting to the changes age may bring to your body so that you can feel comfortable and confident in your skin.

Incorporate a Facial Massager Into Your Facial Care Routine

Massaging can help increase blood flow to the tissues in your face. By including a facial massager in your skincare practice, you can target areas of the face such as the jawline and cheekbones. The increased blood flow can then help reduce the loss of elasticity and aid in maintaining your gorgeous smile and youthful eyes. There’s no shame in aging gracefully.

Pick Up Yoga as a Workout

One major difference you may notice between your current body and the body you had in your youth is in your joints. There is nothing like a yoga session to stretch your stiff and sore joints and teach your muscles to aid your joints in movement. Loss of mobility and comfort in our golden years can be combated with a yoga routine. Not only does yoga help you maintain your physical body, but the discipline and meditation incorporated into the practice can help you lead a calmer, less stressful lifestyle.

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Maintain a Healthy Diet and Take Necessary Supplements

Your diet may be key in accepting your body. Aside from the obvious reasons such as maintaining a healthy figure, your diet is the source of all the goodness and nutrients that your hair, skin, and nails need. Vitamin C helps with the production of collagen, which is vital for maintaining the elasticity of your skin, and thus your youthful face. Vitamin A is another important ingredient for your skin. Vitamin A derivatives such as retinoids play a major role in encouraging healthy cell production, unclogging pores, and toning skin pigmentation.

Do you find yourself comparing other people? Peers your age who appear to have more than you feel you do may have other challenges. Younger people have not faced the same challenges and overcome the same milestones as you have. If you do catch yourself thinking negatively of yourself in comparison to other people, this is your chance to address the issue. Noticing this negative thinking is the first step.

The next is working on challenging these notions. Work on replacing them with positive thoughts and affirmations. Disentangle yourself from how you view others; they do not have to be a reflection of you in any way.

While it may that the more knowledge and life experiences that you accumulate, the more your body becomes uncomfortable to live in, we are not doomed to the existence of discomfort, low self-esteem, and even physical pain that we may have imagined is in store for us. Countermeasures such as a healthy diet with supplements, reorienting your goals to focus on health, and addressing any perceived imperfections that you want to be changed, are just a handful of the ways in which we can take our body back.