The Cheapest Areas In Derbyshire To Buy Property

Located in the East Midlands, with a population of around 803,000 and just over a thousand square miles in size, is the green county of Derbyshire.  It contains a large part of the Peak District National Park and is home to the southern Pennines.

With an average property price in the county of £205,000 (as in December 2020), we have decided to look at the 5 cheapest locations to buy property in Derbyshire, running down from number 5 to number 1.


Making number five on our list is Alfreton, which has an average property price of £169,431 from 376 sales made in the past year.

The town was founded by King Alfred and still bears part of his name. It originally got hit hard by the closing of the mines in the 1980’s and 1990’s but has since recovered with a lot of employment in the manufacturing industry. Indeed the chocolate company Thorntons are based here.

The town has a reasonable selection of schools, shops and leisure facilities and has its own railway station. To get to Manchester Piccadilly by train takes 1 and a half hours and to London St Pancras takes 2 and a half hours.


Number 4 on our countdown is Ilkeston, which has an average property price of £168,750 from 429 sales made in the past year.

Ilkeston has been few many chapters. Originally it was a spa town in Victorian times, then it become a steel town with many of the residents working for British Steel until the closure if the ironworks in 2007. Now it has grown again with a flouring business community.

The town has its own community hospital, a variety of schools and a recently opened train station.


Third place on our list is Heanor where a property on average will cost you £152,000, based on 133 purchases in the last 12 months.

Heanor is 8 miles north of Derby and just under 10 miles away from Nottingham. Its economy is based on manufacturing, as the sector employs more than 20% of the working population. It has a population of 17,251 (in 2011) with 7,512 dwellings.

The Cheapest Areas In Derbyshire To Buy Property

Heanor does not have its own railway station, so commuters need to use the station at Langley Mill which is only 2 miles away. Trains are operated by Midland Railway from there running to Nottingham and Sheffield. There are also bus routes to these 2 cites from Heanor.

Clay Cross

The second cheapest place to buy property in Derbyshire is Clay Cross, where the average property price is £141,000 based on 41 sales made.

The town is 6 miles away from Chesterfield where the nearest railway station is located. It got hit hard by the closing of the mines and the steelworks which sent the local economy into a nosedive. It has somewhat recovered since but property prices are still relatively cheap here.


And the cheapest place to buy property in Derbyshire is the small medieval town of Bolsover, where from 77 sales in the past year, the average property price is as low as £139,000.

It is similar distances from 3 cites, being 18 miles from Sheffield, 25 miles from Nottingham and 27 miles from Derby.

The town comes with history as is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. It contains Bolsover Castle which was built by the Peverel family in the twelfth century, which is popular with tourists and day trippers.

Modern Bolsover got dramatically affected by the decline of the mining industry which spread to  the local economy and this partly explains it being the cheapest place to buy property in the county.