The Electric Golf Cart Battery Caring

Electric golf carts are used for transporting golfers and their equipment around a golf course in the most energy-efficient model. And most o the golf cart used for recreational purposes is built to carry two people on the course and the neighbourhood. As a leading golf trolley repair companies in the Oswestry area, the UK, we ensure to provide the efficient repair service of the battery issues, charging problems or even the general wear and tear.

Now Let Us Understand The Battery Used In The Electric Golf Cart:

The battery configurations are characteristically 42 volt systems, which contains seven 6-volt batteries, or 48 volt systems consisting of six 8-volt batteries. The newer carts now use the 12-volt batteries.

The golf cart manufacturers usually provide a two-year or a limited four-year warranty on the new sealed lead-acid cart. This means that the output of approximately 20,000 energy units, which is about 1,000 rounds of golf.

Electric Golf Recharging

The golf cart can travel up to 6 miles on one complete charge but varies based on the slope of the terrain and weight of the load.

When the golf course maintenance personnel recharge a golf cart, it could be used for 18 holes round of golf for approximately four to five hour, measuring approximately 6,000 yards. The personal recreational golf carts also should recharge the battery after every round of the golf.

Charge the golf cart batteries overnight, once you are completed with you cart for the day. Charge the batteries every day, even if you had used it only for fewer hours. High-quality golf cart charger helps you to simply plug in and forget about overnight charging.

Short Distance Street Commutes

The golf carts can also be used for short-distance street commutes such as retirement communities and residential golf settings but would need the licensed. The standard two-passenger golf cart can travel at about 5 miles/hr on the flat ground, and some street golf cart model are equipped with four-seater instead of the two-plus models. Any golf cart batteries should be recharged after a minimum of four hours of use to avoid getting stranded.

Taking Care Of The Golf Cart Batteries

If the batteries go completely dead, it takes several hours to recharge the golf cart batteries. So it is vital to ensure that the batteries are fully charged before every use to, it helps to increase the lifespan of the batteries. Ensure to check the water levels of the battery cell once in a month. Refill with the pure distilled water as required. Assure that the water is filled till the plate level. Higher water level will cause the acid mixture to overflow and corrode the surrounding parts.

Ensuring all the preventive battery regimen helps the golfers to not worry about the transportation while on the game and would be able to concentrate on the game undividedly.

Electric Golf

Clean the batteries with a solution of baking soda and water using the bristle brush. Use eye protection and rubber gloves while cleaning. The anti-corrosive spray can be sprayed on the cables to prevent corrosion and rust.

Give a refresh charge to the battery every 45-60 days, and even more frequently during the summer. And remember to not overcharge your golf cart batteries. Using the automatic golf cart charger would solve this issue.

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