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The Whitest Gold; Discover The Benefits Of Colostrum Powder

Colostrum is a dense, creamy, yellowish liquid that the mother’s breast produces before the milk rises, which generally takes effect after about three days after delivery. Rich from a nutritional point of view, and very valuable to increase the immune defenses of a child that has just been born, Colostrum powder is quite sufficient as the first food, pending the arrival of “real milk”.

Therefore, let’s know what are the characteristics and functions of this first food:

  • At first, the colostrum has a very pale color and, later, it acquires a yellowish tone, more and more intense. However, as the days go by, the milk becomes clear, until it reaches the color white, although it is not the color of cow’s milk; it is denser, because it is rich in protein, and also more transparent, because it is more oily and rich in fat, so that the psychophysical development of the child during the first year is adequate.
  • -A mother can produce daily from 7 to 120 milliliters of colostrum, since the mammary gland secretes colostrum regardless of the weight of her child and her nutritional need.
  • Colostrum has the same flavor as amniotic fluid, and provides the newborn, who is already used to trying it in the fetal period, a feeling of security, since he perceives that there is a continuity between what he tasted in the belly and the new one life that awaits you. This is why eating this liquid early is, for him, the best welcome to the world.
  • Colostrum provides a consistent supply of immunoglobulin’s a, important protective factors that the body is not capable of producing until the third month of life. Its function is to protect the walls of the intestine and the respiratory system from the attacks of harmful microorganisms, also neutralizing its toxins.

How To Find The Effects Of Colostrum Again In Adulthood?

The Great Richness Of Bovine Colostrum

In cattle farming, colostrum corresponds to the first milking of a cow after the birth of a calf. Indeed, the first breast milk of dairy cows is particularly rich in protein (14% compared to 3.2% in ordinary cow’s milk) and in antibodies (6%).

Liquid Gold Available In The Form Of A Food Supplement

This colostrum, very beneficial for the body, can also be ingested by humans. Moreover, it has been consumed for a long time, as is, in Eastern Europe, to promote immunity. Today, for sanitary and practical reasons, cow colostrum is generally dehydrated and turned into powder. It is taken like this most of the time in the form of a food supplement.

Colostrum Participates In The Development Of The Immune System

These antibodies are actually IgG, IgM, or even IgA immunoglobulins. These will also serve to develop the infant’s still immature immune system. Note that the type of antibody contained in colostrum naturally depends on the infectious agents to which the mother has been exposed throughout her life.

This First Milk Contributes To The Development Of The Intestinal Flora

Colostrum is also perfectly adapted to the young digestive system and the baby’s small stomach. This one, rich in “good bacteria” such as Lactobacillus bifidus, actively participates in the proper development of your intestinal microbiota. It also improves digestive function as a whole.

Thus, colostrum constitutes a true reserve of nutrients and energy. Note that breast milk, for its part, contains more sugars, calories and fat: it is primarily intended to ensure growth and weight gain of the newborn. In addition, colostrum helps the mother’s nipple heal.

In early lactation, breastfeeding can cause bleeding in the mother. Fortunately, colostrum also has powerful healing properties, ideal for closing small wounds on the nipple. When we tell you that colostrum is truly endowed with extraordinary and varied capabilities, you can buy it online from KORE Skincare Australia.