Tips And Warnings For Choosing Your Homecoming Dress

Some prefer to come back home through the front door, and many girls want their homecoming to be as unique as when they left their house of studies, and besides picking a dress, you have to know how to complement the look. There is nothing more important than knowing what accessories to use so that you have a perfect result. Once you have chosen the ideal Jovani dresses we will help you with tips on how to accessorize so that your figure will stand out even more.

If your dress has a neckline, then an elaborate necklace will add that special touch to your appearance, or maybe a shiny bracelet can add the necessary brightness. When choosing shoes, do not forget to look for some that are comfortable. Even though in many schools, girls usually remove their heels to dance comfortably after about an hour, even so, it is a good idea to choose low or medium heels (for example, any pair of heels over 6,35 centimeters or 2 ½ inches would be too much).

Complete your look with the perfect hairstyle and makeup. In general, the hairstyles for the welcome dance consist of holding the hair a little above but leaving it loose at the tips, perhaps with unnecessary curls. However, a simple and elegant ponytail or not very pronounced waves can work wonders with certain dresses. Check some magazines about proms and homecoming or photos of the previous homecoming dances at your school to give you some ideas about hairstyles. The makeup should be fun but also light and durable. A solid base and lips with a little shine, bright eyeshadows, a little eyeliner, and your best mascara, would make the perfect combination.

Tips for homecoming

  • Make sure your dress and accessories do not overwhelm you. You do not want to feel uncomfortable with what you’re wearing.
  • When you do not know what to use, you can consider using a black homecoming dress. Your favorite Little Black Dress (LBD) never fails. Many women often use it in the welcome dances and are an excellent way to infuse personal style into any dress code. The mini-dresses navy blue (Little Navy Dress is known as LND), whites (Little White Dress is known as LWD) or brown or (Little Brown Dress or Burgundy Dress is known as LBD) are also fantastic options.
  • Stick to the style of the welcome dance, but give it your special touch in certain aspects. Some general rules should be followed regarding the dress for the homecoming dance. This should not be very elegant, it should be at knee height, with autumnal or winter colors, and with a little shine. However, mixing some things for specific areas, such as a funny and unique print, one or two loops or fantastic folds is a good way to stand out in an environment full of dresses.
  • Call your friends to help you with any of the steps in the process. You are looking for a few trusted friends to accompany you to buy the dress, or better yet, choose your favorite dresses and have them vote for the one they like the most. Ask them what accessories they would decide to match the dress. You can also get ready with your friends the night of the dance (which is a good idea to make sure that your hair and makeup are impeccable!).

Homecoming warnings

Many dresses for the homecoming dance look very similar to each other, so be careful with what is fashionable in stores or what is the trend in the world of designers. The odds are, unfortunately, there is another girl in the welcome dance with a dress similar to yours. For example, the girls in the photo below will wear dresses with V-neck beaded strips, which is the most common design in dresses for the welcome dance. Avoid following these trends and opt for a dress that is not common in this type of dance.

Another way to avoid wearing a dress similar to someone else’s is to investigate. Ask your friends what they and their friends are going to wear, and make sure the design of your dress is unique. Who know? Maybe you will end-up being featured on magazine covers and articles like The Telegraph’s The street style fashion tips which actually work for real life and have your own fashion celebrity moment.

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