Tips on Applying the Car Window Stickers

Car window stickers are quicker to install and inexpensive method of expressing your views. It helps you in saving the cost of advertisement you wish to have on branding your product and services. Keep reading to find the best method of applying and removing the car window stickers on your vehicle.

How Do I Apply Car Window Stickers?

While applying the small decal such as the parking permit sticker or college sticker or trying to stick larger rear window graphic on your vehicle, there are few important tips that you should follow to achieve the best look. When you choose the right tool, take out enough time to do the work at the right weather condition, you are sure to get the finest result.

Let Us Check the Process Step by Step:

  • Ensure that you are ready for the process at the right weather condition. Choose a warm, dry day for applying the sticker. And if you thinking of doing it by yourself, choose the garage to complete the work. Excessive heat and cold would affect the adhesion of the sticker to the windows. It is suggested that the best temperature is 50- 90degress Fahrenheit for the wind decal application.
  • Clean the window glass with mild soap and water first. Use a lint-free cloth or microfiber to dry the water from the glass. The lint or dust on the windows will affect the adhesion of the sticker to the window.
  • Ensure that you are ready with the right type of instruments for applying the sticker. Materials needed for the process are – masking tape, squeegee or a credit card and a knife.
  • Pick the right spot for the sticker to be applied on the car. Use the masking tape on the top of the sticker to hold it at a place on the window screen.
  • Use the squeegee to press the backing, with the overlapping strokes to apply the sticker on the window. Start from the top centre and work down and towards each side. Ensure you are slow while doing this with smooth strokes and go over the entire backing to complete the process. While you peel the backing, if any part of the sticker lifts of the glass, press it down with the knife. Ensure you are extremely slow doing it and use more pressure. Remove the backing completely. Tada! You have the sticker applied on the car window.

The process might sound quick and easy. But if you need the finest result, it is best to get it done by the professional.

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