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Tips to Keep Your Garden Machinery in Good Working Condition

Everyone knows that taking great care of our possessions, be it machinery, vehicle, shoes, books, etc., is the only way to make them last longer. Since garden machinery doesn’t come cheap, it is always better to take care of it to avoid high replacement costs. Replacing your garden machinery, whether it is your lawnmower or chainsaw, is quite an expensive venture. But, following a good maintenance routine, repairing and replacing broken parts with good quality machinery spare parts is all that makes a difference. It is also the only way to keep your garden machinery mechanically fit for any work.

Mower Maintenance

Whether you own a ride or walk-behind mower, you need to take proper care of it to prolong its life. Before starting any mowing session, always change the oil, disconnect the plug wire before doing it and ensure the fuel tank is empty before you lift the mower. Depending on your lawn user manual, it may require you to replace the spark plug before the start of each mowing session. Clean the air filter, tighten the bolts and sharpen the blade with a metal file or sharpening stone. Always start a new session with fresh fuel. Since modern fuels tend to lose their effectiveness quickly, old gas may fail to start or give you a rough start.

Also, always ensure you empty the fuel tank before storing the mower because leaving fuel in the tank can rust the machine or reduce the fuel’s efficacy. Always remove any excess grass from the machine parts and clean the blades, rollers, and grass boxes thoroughly before storage. If you find that the blades are damaged, buy quality lawnmower spare parts from Kragmann A/S instead of waiting for further damage. Other spare parts you need to keep for your lawnmower include cables and air filters.


A chainsaw’s maintenance is very demanding, and you should always consult the user manual to keep it in good working condition. Always use the proper fuel, choose the right oil, clean the air filters often, and keep the chain sharp, which you may need a professional to do.


Many people find themselves buying pruners every time because the previous one has gone blunt or is not in good shape anymore. The trick is cleaning your pruners often by wiping them with a dry cloth after use. An ideal wipe is to use cotton cloth and some lubricating oil. Also, sharpen the blade regularly, ensuring you pass the edge over the sharpening stone in one direction only. Oil the joint before they get stiff and store open for the springs to last longer.

Take Care of Your Garden Hand Tools.

Garden hand tools such as spades, hoes, forks, and rakes are equally important. Clean them after use, allow them to dry before storing, and apply a coat of oil regularly to avoid splintering or cracking.

Buy The Right Spare Parts for Your Garden Machinery.

If you need garden machinery spare parts, ensure you get quality ones from a reputable spare parts company. Check the replacement numbers and models carefully before you buy. Since some spare parts for the old machine models may have become obsolete, choose a reputable spare parts distributor such as Kragmann A/S to advise you accordingly on a substitute.

The Takeaway

Garden machinery, whether for domestic or commercial use, is expensive to replace, but you can make them last longer with proper care and maintenance.