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Tips to Sell Your House Without a Realtor

Property realtors or real estate agents help home sellers to sell their properties fast and hassle-free. When you hire them, you might not need to do anything else after they take over. However, not every home seller is interested in parting with the commission these professionals charge for their services. In this case, you are left to sell the home by yourself. But how can you ensure that you sell your house without a realtor and that it sells for the right value?

If this is you, we have the right tips. These insights cover simple-to-follow tips for any home seller. They will yield fruit within a short time.

Prepare Your Home for Sale

Once you decide to sell your home, this is the time to prepare it. First, decide whether you will move out and have the home renovated or whether you will do it while still living in the home. Here are some of the things to do to sell your house without a realtor.

  •         Simple repair and renovation – The affected areas are usually the bathrooms and public areas. Make sure that the tiles, carpets, flooring, windows, window frames, and all other areas are repaired properly. You may also need to paint.
  •         Add value – Before selling a home, it is good to modernize it. Remove the old features such as wall paint, tiles, and shelves and replace them with modern art, gypsum boards, and other features.
  •         Declutter the home – If showings will happen while you are still inside, it is time to go minimalistic. Clear the hallways and living rooms and discard old and unused stuff that has been hoarded in the home for years. Homebuyers want to see open and neatly arranged rooms and hallways.

Set a Realistic Price

The second step to sell your house without a realtor is to set a realistic price for your house. Now that you have prepared the home for sale, it is time to research and consult experts to establish the market value of your home. In this case, you can talk to Home Flippers experts to give you a guide on the market value. Also, check online property sale channels to see what other similar homes in your area are going for. If you are not sure, appraise your home through a professional property appraiser.

Market Your Home

As soon as you prepare the home for sale and set the right price, the next step to sell your house without a realtor is to market and promote it. With the advancement of technology and access to digital platforms, you can easily market the home without the help of a real estate agent. For instance, you can post the home sale advertisements on a property sale page on social media platforms or video channels. Send emails to people you know and entice them to buy the home or reach out to their networks to see who is interested in buying.

Negotiate and Sell

The last step to sell your house without a realtor is to negotiate like a professional and sell the house. Give people all the good reasons to buy your home. Justify the price with facts, and you will be surprised that they will buy it. Sign a contract and change the ownership of the property without leaving any important detail behind.