Top 3 Ways to Consume CBD for Neuropathy

CBD which stands for cannabidiol comes from the hemp plant. It is different from cannabis as it doesn’t get you high. Now, do you know that there are multiple ways to ingest CBD? If not, this is the right article for you. We will discuss the most common ways to consume CBD that are easy and effective. CBD has shown quite good results in relief from multiple health problems and one of them is to resolve neuropathy.

CBD helps in neuropathy and there are multiple ways you can ingest it. There are some types and variants of Lazarus Naturals CBD that help in resolving Neuropathy in users. They can be listed below:

CBD Creams


Cream infused with CBD is popularly known as CBD cream. These are very popular in the category of CBD topicals. They can be directly applied to the affected areas and reach the body system through the skin. To buy them online from the CBDfx store, you can click here and get CBD high-quality cream at your doorstep. Creams that are ingested with cannabidiols render numbing or alleviating the pain which helps in nerve damage. Creams on the other hand at times may fail to reach the desired destination of the damage.

CBD Spirulina and Turmeric Gummies


These edibles are gummies that have been ingested with cannabidiol. These gummies are said to contain broad-spectrum CBD. These have turmeric, spirulina, and naturally occurring curcumin that helps in reducing neuropathic pain.

Pain Relief Potion

This is such a product that contains extracts of full-spectrum hemp, which means the cannabinoids include small traces of THC. There are various other ingredients which include Arnica flower, peppermint hydrosol, and Magnesium. It is applied to the affected area and has resulted in reaching the affected region.

If anyone is planning to shift to topical substances and has had cannabidiol in mind, then that should have a complete understanding of its variants. Failure might result in various intoxicating side effects.

Tips for Trying CBD Topicals and Proper Usage

  • Tips-for-trying-CBD-Topicals-and-Proper-Usage
  • You must use the correct amount of CBD lotion while applying it. However, you don’t want to use too much since negative effects may occur. Even though negative effects from the lotion are uncommon, it’s always a good idea to double-check that the cannabidiol you’re using is safe.
  • If you’re applying lotion to someone else, be sure you don’t contact the bottle with your hands. This is because when you put your hands on the lotion container, you’re applying the substance to yourself, which can enter your bloodstream and be absorbed into your body.

Side Effects

  • Studies show that this oil helps wounds to heal, so will help burns from the sun to heal. Thus people are looking at it as a potential to be a sunscreen, though there’s still room for much research. But you can mix it with your existing sun protection without facing any side effects.
  • Studies don’t show that it shields from the sun, but if you mix it with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, you will get better protection. You can also mix it with aloe vera, thus the skin will maintain overall balance and well-being. This will reduce inflammation and redness, and thus calm your skin.
  • But is it the right choice for sunburn? Well, it is not irritating on its own and does not cause inflammation.
  • It can only negatively impact if the lotion has some harsh, irritating ingredients to it other than the oil. Unfortunately, products like benzocaine, can irritate the skin or cause a potential allergic reaction.