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Top 5 Salwar Suits You Must Have in Your Closet

India showcases ethnicity in every aspect of diversity when it comes to clothes, especially the traditional ones. One of its kind is a salwar suit which is a traditional combination of a dress that is worn by females in India. It is the perfect outfit in your wardrobe and blends perfectly with any occasion.

Salwars are pants that are generally wide at the waist but are narrowed to a cuffed bottom. They usually come with an elastic band which causes a pleat at the waist area. Depending on the different types, the salwars are sometimes wide-legged and sometimes narrow. The suit is a long top or a tunic. The top is usually open a little with a small slit on both sides. They are generally straight fit or lose, and sleeves depending on different kurtis. The combination of the two is a salwar suit.

Here is a list of 5 different types of salwar suits that are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe!

1.Straight-Cut Salwar Suit

The straight cut salwar suit is a long kurti with different types of design having a straight fit style and a salwar that can be matched with the look. This type of salwar suit is usually worn to lounge around at home or even go to work at the office. They complement any occasion and the surely a good pick.

2. Anarkali Salwar Suit

Another type of salwar suit is the Anarkali salwar suit that is timeless and extremely popular. It is a long floor length top that is worn with fitted bottoms. It generally has a flare style top and is worn in parties and traditional events and is popular amongst women as it is an ideal choice for fancy events or even weddings. The outfit adds charm and makes any occasion suitable in this dress.

3.Punjabi Salwar Suit

The third type is a Punjabi salwar suit that usually represents the Sikh style and tradition. In this type, the salwar is loose and comfortable and are called Patiala pants and the top is generally a comparatively shorter kurti with short slits on both sides. These designs usually have embroidered patterns such as ethnic motifs like flowers, mangoes, fruits, resham and phulkari patterns and gives an extremely attractive look.

4. Palazzo Salwar Suit

The palazzo salwar suit is the fourth type of salwar suit that is essential in your wardrobe. Being one of the most popular styles, it is super trendy and provides extreme comfort and style and is perfect for any event. Palazzo pants have a flare and are flowy and give the liberty to experiment it in different styles. The kurti is generally long with full sleeves and modern touch to it to make it more popular amongst women these days.

5. Frock Style Salwar Suit

Another type of salwar suit that should surely be a must-have in your wardrobe is the frock style salwar suit. The kurti has a flare from the mid-section and looks like a frock and generally has a loose fit and the style adds utmost comfort and can be worn in any event and even at home to go through the day.

The most appropriate pick for any occasion is these five different salwar suits that make you shine wherever you go and are definitely a must-have. Feel the togetherness of ethnicity and style in these salwar suits. Extremely comfortable and trendy, this traditional set is all you need to ace any party look or even go through the day lounging around. The perfect must-have for every wardrobe out there.