Top Bridal Makeup Trends According to Celebrity Makeup Artists

Once upon a time, brides would deck up head to toe in glitter and gold, with bold eyes, bolder lips and layers of foundation. But nowadays the trend is to adopt minimalism – Less is More! Every bride wants to look her best and stand out on her wedding day, but there are always exceptions. Thanks to the talented makeup artists in Chandigarh who put in long hours to produce these stunning looks, a bride is truly set to look her best on the D Day. If you’re looking to keep up with the latest bridal makeup trends, do give this article a good read!

1. Glittery Eyes

Glittery eye makeup is very popular. For the bride, her eyes do all the talking! Wedding makeup professionals and brides alike aren’t afraid to experiment with glittery eyes. So much so that just the eye makeup alone may create a complete style without a lot of effort being put into the rest of the elements.

2. Loaded Blush

Use the correct amount of highlighter while applying bridal makeup. You don’t want to overdo it, but you also don’t want to underdo it, because then the face will lack that much appreciated bridal glow. Ideally, you should layer your blush usage – start with less and mix shades to create the desired cheek colour. It’s also easy to mix blushes with lighter shades of lipsticks, such as pale pinks and nudes to create a long-lasting look.

3. Bold Red Lips

Professional make-up artists prefer soft eyes and bright red lips. If you’re looking for an easy way to add depth to your bridal beauty look, try smoky eyes and bright red lips together. This makeup trend is bold, simple, and very stunning in every aspect.

4. Tones With A Hint of Blush

When it comes to bridal makeup, experts like to use pink tones. Any bride can get a naturally flushed appearance by using blush in her bridal makeup, which keeps the look more natural. Adding blush to any look is a trend that is sure to be popular since brides are moving away from heavy makeup and towards more natural-looking looks.

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5. Eyeliner in a Variety of Shades

Eyeliner in a variety of colours is a popular trend among makeup artists right now, and bridal makeup artists are no exception. When it comes to brides’ beauty needs, experts believe that coloured eyeliners are the next big thing. When it comes to looks put-together, nothing beats a classic black liner look. But now is the time to try new things, and coloured liners are a great way to do so.

6. Eyeliner with Crystals

Unique cosmetic styles, including jewelled eyes, will be the most popular bridal trend. Those brides who are willing to take things a step further may be tempted to opt for a design that breaks up the monotony of the wedding. Instead of using liquid eyeliner makeup artists may use crystals to adorn the eyelids.

7. Investing in Skincare

With so many women changing their skincare regimens throughout the pandemic, we should expect to see more brides with glowing complexions. The brides are likely to have beautiful and supple skin, which may require little or no makeup, because most people have started investing in better skincare. When it comes to their wedding day makeup, brides are likely to put a lot more emphasis on their skincare routines.

8. Bold Lipsticks

When it comes to bridal makeup, bold lipsticks reign supreme. Nothing beats a well-executed bold lip look. Lips are as important as eyes when it comes to makeup. The trend for colourful and bold lip colours is expected to grow. Traditionally, brides have opted for a brown shades or dark nude shades. However, we can clearly notice a shift in brides opting for brighter and bolder lips. The list of gorgeous shades of pink and purple is long, but well worth it. This is great for brides who want to stand out without being too flashy.

Thus, we have seen in detail, the key trends in bridal makeup, according to bridal makeup artists in Chandigarh and in other parts of the world.