How Trans Women are obsessed with the Mermaid Trend?

Thanh, a 30-year old mother who stays at home has great affinity to whims, fantasy and things that are mythical. Thanh has great enthusiasm for trends and she used to try and follow the trends. She likes aesthetics even if they are risky. She is one among the many women who enjoy spreading the beauty trends that are mythical. She will daily post her appreciation of the beauty of mermaids, unicorns, “The Neverending Story”, and Ariel, the Disney heroine.

“The Little Mermaid” was released in the year in 19898 when I was six years old. The tail-swinging mermaid who was the main character in that was highly fascinated by the life on the land. Also, she was attracted by a human prince. Since she wanted to appear like other girls on land she was ready to trade her tail for two legs. When I was told that I was not a real girl just like Ariel, I felt that my gorgeous heroine Ariel with a mermaid girl self was struggling just like me to exist in a form which is quite different from that of others. I am living with a trans girl self. At last, by way of making tough compromises Ariel lives her dream life and remains happy for ever. Now, after about two decades, I am also a grown-up and self-realized woman and am wondering how mermaids again got so much significance. I think trans girls are again making beauty trends and the craze for mythical things is one among them.

Amiyah Scott, who played as Queen Laifah’s dancing g daughter Cotton on “Star”, the musical drama of FOX, impressed millions including me with her DIY hair and makeup tips. Amiyah told me once that she really loves The Little Mermaid and Ariel in particular. When specifically asked about Ariel’s body which spoke to her as a trans woman Amiyah answered that she likes the bottom of mermaids which appears as an unknown. Ariel loves mermaids because they are beautiful as well as magical. Many trans girls seek comfort and contentment with their body for which the gorgeous mermaid tails is a symbol. Not only Amiyah, but many had pointed out the symbolism.

Following her first TV appearance in the year 2007 along with Barbara Walters, You Tuber Jazz Jennings revealed her love of mermaids. In order to mobilize resources for her Transkids Public Rainbow foundation, Jazz Jennings now designs silicone mermaid tails. A purple mermaid is the mascot of the foundation and it echoes “Mermaids”, another UK-based charity foundation which offerssupport to trans youth.

Isis King, who starred in Oxygen’s trans model hit “Strut” was the first trans woman to contest for “America’s Next Top Model”. She firmly believes that once she was a mermaid. She said that the individuality, freedom, beauty and strength of the mermaids really impressed her. One cannot simply come to the conclusion that trans girls consider themselves as mermaids or that for all trans girls their bottom-halves are uncomfortable for them or that all the trans girls have great fascination for mermaids.

Ariel and all mermaid aesthetics are attractive and amazing for the trans girls and femmes. However, apart from the shining hair, shining skin and the amazing palette of aqua, pink and purple, there are very dark points also that go deeper.

Just like the mermaids, trans women are also beautiful, fascinating and magical. Just as in the case of mermaids, trans women are also viewed as semi-women and they have to fight with those who show unwanted curiosity with their genitals. Also, trans women become victims of wrong accusations. Some people spread that just like mermaids trans women also seduce men. Though many trans women had been brutally killed, the cases were not properly investigated and left unsolved because of the wrong belief.

In search of a temporary relief from the uncertain and chaotic political times, people seek enjoyment from food, art and culture. The trans women believe in magic to escape from the reality. Only those who are privileged can manage to escape from the harassments. The trans women who belong to the low-income group as well as color communities are unable to get the privileges. By way of seeking joy and beauty, many trans women today are fighting for their survival.

Many people are now realizing the actual plight of trans women and are voluntarily joining the campaign to protect them. Trans women had been under the shadows always and they have to fight and resist for their survival. Under the pressure of the chaotic political times many people crave for the existence of incredible things like mermaids and unicorns. Though looks funny, it is a truth that among us, there are thousands of strong, elegant and beautiful women who depend on magic for their survival in this world.

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