Understanding the Types of Crypto Exchanges: Centralized, Decentralized, and Hybrid

Understanding the Types of Crypto Exchanges: Centralized, Decentralized, and Hybrid

When it comes to spot and derivative exchanges, Bybit is one of the most reliable and speedy options out there. Every major public crypto event is usually attended by the corporation, which is a huge vote of confidence. You can expect a smoother onboarding process thanks to the company’s multilingual customer service and assigned account manager. It’s no surprise that this derivative exchange for cryptocurrency has become one of the finest trading engines in recent years.

The Promotions Deals by Bybit

Here is a quick look at Bybit reviews from Traders Union of its promotions:

  • Incentives Central

New users can receive a $5 bonus on a BTC deposit and a $5 card for joining Bybit online pages on different sites, as well as a $50 voucher for the initial deposit within 48 hours and $10 after 48 hours. It is a shopper-friendly market that also hosts trading contests with life-changing cash prizes.

  • Prompt Referral Service

Bybit’s referral program is designed to reward regular investors who spread the word about the platform within their social networks. Traders are eligible for a $10 BTC immediate bonus. The table below details the referral incentive accrued for each unit of new user trade volume introduced.

  • One-Time Offers

There is a $5 discount for trading at least one USDT perpetual; $10 coupon for those who have been active for seven days in a row; $20 coupon deposit of one or more bitcoin.

  • Affiliate Scheme

The Bybit affiliate program allows users to earn a 30% commission on trading costs without actively doing anything. Commissions are resolved in real time, information is updated promptly, and you get full assistance throughout. All the information about the transactions and the earnings are recorded in a comprehensive report. Bybit provides individualized marketing content and promotional events to its partners.

The Different Types of Crypto Exchanges

The best cryptocurrency exchanges come in three options: centralized, decentralized, and hybrid.

  • CEX, or Centralized Exchanges

The most frequent and conventional way to trade cryptocurrencies is on a centralized exchange. These are businesses that allow individuals to trade cryptocurrency on their behalf. This form of exchange often features more trading pairs, greater liquidity, and higher trade volumes. Centralized exchanges have a better onboarding and user interface, more readily available customer assistance, and insurance should the platform’s systems fail, all of which make them attractive to inexperienced crypto traders.

  • DEX, or decentralized exchange,

In the vein of Bitcoin, decentralized exchanges run with no single authority. The servers for such an exchange are dispersed throughout computers all around the world, allowing the network to continue functioning even if a single server is compromised. Decentralized exchanges function more like markets than do centralized ones (which act more like brokers). They make it easier for users to transact with one another and offer a more relaxed registration process.

  • Hybrid Markets

By combining the superior functionality and liquidity of centralized exchanges with the security benefits of decentralized exchanges, hybrid exchanges hope to address the shortcomings of traditional exchanges. Hybrid exchanges are a newer innovation in the cryptocurrency industry that offer rapid transaction speeds without compromising consumers’ privacy.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Platforms: Pros and Cons

As per in CoinGape article, the following are the most often cited benefits and drawbacks of cryptocurrency exchanges:


  • Access to direct cryptocurrency trading. The trader exchanges one cryptocurrency for another or for fiat currency, but keeps the difference in price.
  • A wide range of different crypto assets. The options for selecting a token or currency are much more open. The number of assets available on exchanges grows on a regular basis.
  • There have been many cryptocurrency exchanges introducing assets that could lower trading expenses. Therefore, the buying and selling of such assets is cheap.


  • Centralized cryptocurrency exchanges may charge more for transactions due to the value they add to the buying and selling process.
  • Client funds are entirely safe with a controlled cryptocurrency exchange. Given that they deal with transactions that could involve very large sums of money, they are a prime target for hackers.
  • Lack of regulation is a problem on a global scale for cryptocurrency exchanges. The global trend, however, demonstrates that the big exchanges are gradually figuring out how to legally conduct business in many jurisdictions.
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