Various Types of High Heels for Women Suitable for Different Occasions

Shoes play an important role in completing and modifying your appearance. Shoes are also known as wardrobe essentials as they have an ability to create a dull, boring look into a bold and glamorous one.

A stylish pair of party shoes can dramatically enhance an outfit and give you the perfect charm. Your party look is incomplete without heels or trendy shoes. High heels can add a lot of glitz and bling to your party appearance, making you the focus of any get together. Shoes are often pairedwith accent handbags, which will give you a special touch exquisitely.

Being bold and experimenting new styles with popping colors is the new trend of 2023

which diversifies your fashion sense, makes you different and experimental as well.

Heels come in different styles, shapes and heights that you can choose from easily. Thank God, the corona lockdown times have gone and we’ve finally said bye to our casual night suits and festive party season is in rage now.

Gladly, the designers were a step ahead to bring their A-game on the table and we now have a huge variety of comfortable high heels and mid heels that can match any occasion, dress, vibe and style. By investing in right heels and shoes, you could become the limelight of any party, just igniting like a wildfire.

Though, it’s really hard to imagine heels that are comfortable but we now can choose from mid heels like kitten heels, platform heels, block heels or mules and find that perfect comfortable high or mid heels pair.

When we say comfortable it doesn’t just mean walking is easy for them, we also take into account the fit, what other activities can be done wearing those heels. When talking about a pair of high heels that look comfortable, effortless, chic and at the same.

The chunky platform heels are a classic that goes with any outfit at any time of the day. You can go for a patent leather one that shines and is perfect for night events. Let’s look at some of these amazing heels options that are comfortable and classy.

Chunky platform heels

Chunky platform heels are evergreen and will remain so as they have the ability to add extra inches to your height without the suffering and pain which stilettos are known for. The platform heels have a thick sole that levels out the height and the feet don’t have to bear the extreme curve.

I prefer platform heels in mid heels as they are the most comfortable to wear and you also get to wear comfortable 3-4 inches of heel. I would agree that platform heels aren’t your everyday shoe but it sure is perfect for a gown or full length dresses, just perfect for any occasion or event.

Block Heels

Block heels have a broader width and a wider base, this means the heel has more surface area on the ground giving it stability and security when standing, unlike the heels stilettos have. they give your feet a fine support on the ankle and heel without losing your fashion game. Block heels are the perfect everyday heel especially if you have a shorter height.

You can wear them on the go with casual outfits or you can pair them with semi-formal outfits as well, depending on your shoe style but this heel must occupy a spot in your collection.

Fancy and Quirky Heels

It is not about playing safe all the time. As I told earlier as well, shoes are

the perfect accessory to make a powerful fashion statement. Fancy decorative

heels with rhinestones and metallic flowers look super cool and sexy.

Different types of heels like the YSL heels or quirky style heels also look super cool

and show that you are a charmer rather than a timid person. sometimes

the event you’re getting ready for demands you to look stylish and elegant with

some pencil heels and right accessories to look outstanding in front of everyone.

High Heel Mules

If you want to strike the perfect balance between comfort, style and confidence

then high heel mules should be in your shoe collection. This shoe

covers most part of the foot giving it extra support and coverage. Mules have

an opened back but they can have an open or closed mouth.

High heel mules never go out of style due to their amazing offerings. They also pair well with so many outfits ranging from casual to semi-formals to formals to red carpet. Mules are also perfect for cold weather when you don’t want to trap yourself in boots or sneakers.

Sling backs

Another must-have heels you should own and cherish in your collection are slingbacks. These types of heels are highly sophisticated and elegant. If you want a pair of shoes that goes well with any dress and every time you wear it, it just adds to your look so slingbacks are essential.

Mostly the sling backs have a pointed toe that gives it a very refined look but it also feels super comfortable and secure at your feet. You can walk in them with confidence and class without aching feet as your feet have proper support from the back as well as sides of the shoe.


One of the most comfortable yet stylish options in heels, for those women who want to give a boost to their height with stability which make them excellent walking shoes. This style of shoes puts all the weight evenly on your foot, making you feel less tired and supports your hips back bone too easily.

It is also said that wedge style shoes are actually healthier for our feet rather than flats or flip-flops too. This shoe type is also recommended by doctors to people who don’t have curves under their feet and are straight.


Heels are a perfect way of giving yourself height, which define your posture properly and make you look charming and appealing as well. However, they come in many variations and heights, pick according to what suits you and the occasion you’re going to. Your shoes can talk so much about you without you making any special effort. Your overall look and the way you style your outfit can heavily rely on your shoe choices.