Victorian Clothing Style: 5 Important Features

Victorian style is a combination of beauty, arrogance, arrogance and stiffness, conciseness and femininity. Despite the fact that a girl in a dress may seem strange, because Victorian clothes are not worn in the modern world, you can always reincarnate as a real queen or ancestor Queen Victoria. Someone buys these outfits in their collection, because they love this style, and someone buys images of the Victorian era to go to events. In any case, there are 5 important features of such an outfit, which will be discussed below.

Historic Victorian dress

The classic Victorian dress does not have too much pomp and shapelessness, usually the silhouette of such a dress has an hourglass shape. Puffy skirts are also here, but the main thing is to highlight the multi-tiered attire with them. You can’t do without lantern sleeves, because they create all the magic and playfulness of the dress. Sleeves can also be long all over the arm, but then this is already a stricter look. There should not be any pronounced vulgarity or strong cut on the chest. Victorian dress, on the contrary, combines modesty.

To create such an incredible mystical and fantasy silhouette, there is an essential attribute that is always used in an outfit is a corset. A fluffy stand-up collar is another important element of the dress. It should be large, with a frill or frills. The Victorian dress of the time of the founding queen of the style was sewn from the most expensive fabrics and required great efforts of tailors. Fabrics were given bright colors using aniline dyes. You can’t do without large antique jewelry that complemented the image of a lady.

Fantasy style features

Dresses of the Victorian era are characterized by layering and massiveness. The most interesting thing is that such an abundance of skirts, jewelry, sleeves and frills does not make the image bulky and rude. The elements are so perfectly combined with each other that they only decorate the whole outfit, even creating a little lightness in it. A characteristic feature of that era is the fear of “emptiness”. The fact is that the Victorian era itself is very beautiful, it is piled with different objects, this is not minimalism, where there is almost nothing. That is why the outfits of both men and women are always fully thought out and stuffed with important elements.

What is the perfect Victorian dress? What should it include? How to come up with your own image so that it is in a fantasy theme, but at the same time surprises others with its beauty? Here are the characteristic features of the Victorian dress: Re-Lady Gothic Victorian Dresses for Women Civil War Costumes  Queen Ball Gown Masquerade Dress 3X Black : Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry

  • The luxury of the outfit is demonstrated by a certain fabric. So, no synthetics will fit here, because it is not an element of luxury. The classic outfit of the Victorian era is made of silk, cashmere, satin, velvet, satin;
  • Color spectrum. It should not be too motley, because the outfit itself is strict, so it must be made strictly in a monophonic version (maximum 2-3 color inclusions, but not bright ones). And the texture of the dress itself is such that there is no place for something too catchy;
  • Dress decor. Ribbon, bows, pleats, ruffles, drapery, lace, stones – all these are the main elements for decorating a Victorian era dress. Lush outfits should always be backed up and decorated with something; this is the peculiarity and zest.

A Victorian style dress is something incredible. Today, such an outfit can be either sewn by yourself or ordered in an atelier, or you can consider options on sites where there is a huge selection of costumes for every taste and color. Most importantly, the Victorian era includes not only female images, but also male ones.