Weight Loss Blunders That Keep You Fat

Weight Loss Blunders That Keep You Fat

Here’s 5 weight loss blunders that keep even the most strong willed from reaching their goals. Even though some of these blunders are well known, they are worth mentioning again, and yes again, because they can be at times easily overlooked. To keep them in the forefront of your mind, it is always helpful as a reminder to see them in writing, since they are things you can immediately put into practice.

1 Keeping Junk Food In Your House You should realize by now that no matter how strong willed you are eventually, at some moment of weakness, you are going to start munching on those cookies in your cabinet. That is why it is best not to have them or any other kind of junk food conveniently accessible.

If you have small kids in the house, this does become a little more difficult to follow. In this case make sure you have something healthy that you can munch on until the urge subsides.

2 Not preparing your meals ahead of time There is nothing worse than having to stop what you are doing to prepare a meal. This is especially true if you are very busy and short on time, which is typically why you go for the unhealthy quick snacks from the vending machine or the burger at lunch.

To keep this from happening always prepare your meals at least a day ahead. Several days is even better.

3 Grocery shopping while your are hungry Talk about making bad food choices. When you go in a grocer on a empty stomach, it is easy to start dropping things in your cart that you would normally pass by if you had eaten something beforehand. To combat this, try shopping after having breakfast. However, If you are in the habit of shopping in the evening, try to time a meal before you go. A little food in your belly will help to keep you from making food choices that you will later regret.

4 Being over critical of yourself Let’s face it. Unless you have managed to get your feelings to be consistent with your new diet choices, you are going to have those moments where you just pig out on something you know is not good for you. Beating yourself up mentally only serves to remind you of what you did. There’s only one thing you can do in these situations: forgive yourself and go on.

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