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What Are The Popular Collections Released By Hamilton?

As time passes by, the watchmaking industry is becoming more and more saturated. If you try to search online the different luxury watch brands today, Google will give you a long list of companies that you can’t read in one sitting. Having a wide range of options when it comes to high-quality wristwatches is beneficial but it also makes the decision-making process more difficult.

If you are looking for the best watch to kick off your collection, you might want to consider buying from Hamilton Watch Company. It is among the most versatile, popular, and historically respected watch manufacturers nowadays. It commits itself to produce accurate, durable, and stylish timepieces that can serve everyone from celebrities to professionals. Continue reading to discover if one of its models matches your fashion sense and lifestyle.

A Brief History Of Hamilton Watch Company

You must know the history behind the brand’s reputation before purchasing one of its models. Did you know that Hamilton Watch Company is not originally a Swiss-owned watch manufacturer? It started as an American brand located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1869. You can find all of its original administrative and production facilities in the United States.  However, the management decided to be under the Swatch group and transfer its operation to Switzerland in 1969. Due to this acquisition, the company became capable of producing a large number of ETA movements. Besides that, the use of premium features such as sapphire crystal becomes possible.

Throughout the entire existence of Hamilton in the industry, it produced fine pocket watches and timepieces that met the stringent requirements of the railroads and air transportation such as the Hamilton Khaki Aviation and the Khaki Field. Besides that, the company released unique, iconic, and functional models like the first electric watch named Ventura and the first LED watch named Pulsar. It also dominated the mainstream industry as it appeared in more than 500 films to date.

The Most Popular Hamilton Collections

1.  Khaki Aviation Collection

If you are a professional pilot or simply a traveler, the best watch for you is in the Khaki Aviation collection. It has both the form and function that can accurately tell the time even with the presence of external elements. It contains a classic selection of watches that you will truly love. You can find some models with vintage aesthetics and technical-looking chronographs while others have classic Flieger styles. The smallest case diameter is 33 mm while the largest is 46 mm featuring several configurations. Its price ranges from $545 to $3 295.

The Khaki Aviation Pilot Day-date is one of the models from the collection that caught the attention of the majority of watch collectors for all positive reasons. The company used its Flieger watches produced in World War II as an inspiration for its design. It has a 42 mm case diameter featuring the fully spelled date and day of the week at 12 o’clock.

Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date H64615135 Review & Complete Guide - Millenary  Watches

2.  American Classic Collection

If you are not a fan of military watches and prefer those with vintage and retro-inspired designs, then get one from the American classic collection. It offers timepieces that can suit every taste, style, and preference. By browsing through the entire collection, you will find out that it has funky and digital LED PS models. The case diameter ranges from 27 mm to 34.5mm available in several configurations. To own a watch from the American classic collection, you have to prepare $445 to $3500.

Some of the best-selling timepieces from the collection are the Valiant, Spirit of Liberty, and Thin-O-Matic Railroad. They are worth every dollar because of their practical and simple designs suitable for casual occasions. If you want a vintage-inspired appearance that will not look out of place during formal events, then get a Boulton or Flintridge watch with a unique metal dial cover.

3.  Khaki Field Collection

The Khaki field collection contains over 100 models designed for men having either quartz, hand-wound, automatic, or mechanical movement. The case diameter available is from 33 mm to 50 mm catering to buyers with small to large wrists. The available configurations are time only, time and date, chronograph, and day of the week and date. The cheapest model has a price tag of $325 while the most expensive one has a price tag of $1 795.

If you are looking for the most affordable timepiece with a classic and elegant design, go for the Khaki Field Mechanical model. For a more refined style with better features, you might want to consider the Khaki Field Auto. The most recommended model with a pragmatic look and day-date feature is the Murph model.

4.  Khaki Navy Collection

If you often visit oceans and engage in diving activities, it is best to purchase a timepiece from the Khaki Navy collection. It contains almost all the dive watches produced by Hamilton. The case diameter in this collection ranges from 36 mm to 46 mm with prices amounting to 4695 to $2 945.

There are models with maritime-themed designs such as the Pioneer which looks similar to the marine chronometers. If you are looking for a dive watch that you can use every day because of its comfortable sizing and great color options, then choose the Navy Scuba. For buyers who prefer the bold and quirky style and prominent crown-guard locking system, then purchase the Frogman model.

5.  Ventura Collection

The Ventura collection contains some of the most distinctive timepieces of Hamilton. It became popular when Elvis Presley wore one of its triangular-shaped timepieces on the set. There are models with very small case diameters measuring 14.5 mm and can be as large as 42.5 mm. They are available in two complications, namely the time only and the chronograph with a price ranging from $725 to $3 895.

The quartz models have almost similar designs to the original collections but with improved battery duration. You can choose from a variety of complications and dial colors. For mechanical watches, you may get the Ventura Elvis with a funky but modern style.

In a Nutshell

If you will ask around what is the first watch bought by a collector, they will probably tell you that it was from Hamilton. The Swiss company with American roots offers timepieces with great value and high functionality. Make sure to purchase from WatchShopping for great discounts!