What Benefits Does Being a Member of Old School RuneScape Give You

What Benefits Does Being a Member of Old School RuneScape Give You

When you are a free player at Old School RuneScape you have only a small portion of the game. One of the most important limitations is that you can only carry out 21 missions out of the 146 existing ones.

Having a membership in Old School RuneScape will free up the whole game and you will get many benefits that will help you progress. If you plan to get a Bond through the game or by buying OSRS gold, this article is for you.

Additional features in the Old School RuneScape member worlds

When you get your membership, you acquire new features that will expand the world of Old School RuneScape. Among the functions you will have three times more area on the map to explore, new skills, new missions, access to minigames and more music and sound effects.

All of these benefits will only be available in member worlds. If you have a member item, it will be unusable in free worlds.

OSRS special weapons

Dragon Weapons: When you are a non-membership player, the maximum level of weapons you can obtain are those made of runite. But when you get the paid version you will have access to dragon weapons. In the many variants of dragon melee weapons we can find daggers, harpoons, axes, picks, swords, scimitars and hammers. In ranged dragon weapons there are crossbows, darts, javelins and arrows. In order to shield all these weapons you will need to have the attack level at 60.

Crystal Weapons: Crystal Weapons are equipment that degrades, in order to carry them you will need to have completed the mission “Roving Elves” and have level 50 agility. There are only 4 types of crystal weapons which are blades, bows, halberds and shields.

Dragon Armor: As with weapons when you have a membership you will unlock the dragon equipments that are made of a dark red metal called Orikalkum. Normally the players who use these armor are of a medium level, to wear it you will need to have level 60 defense. Dragon gear consists of gloves, helms, shields, and plates. There are many more armors that you can use as a membership, but the requirements go far beyond just being a member.

Barrow Armor: Barrow equipment can be obtained in minigames and there are six types of equipment. For melee combat there are 4 barrow teams, these are Dharok the Wretched, Guthan the Infected, Torag the Corrupt and Verac the Defiled. For the distance combat there is the set of Karil the Spotted. And for the magical style there is the Ahrim the Infested set. All these teams have different bonuses that will help you face various types of enemies.

Crystal Armor: As with weapons, you will need the mission “Roving Elves” and level 50 agility to be able to use crystal armor. Crystal armor is made up of helms, bodies, and legs.

Runeescape Exclusive Items

In OSRS you can get a wide variety of objects and potions to equip your character.  Acquiring a membership will give you the benefit of having specific objects that can be very useful for all kinds of activities you want to do. Here you will see what you can do with some of the most important objects.

Teleportation Tablets: All teleportation tablets are for members only. These tablets will be very helpful in the missions and activities that you do, as they will facilitate movement to many important areas.

Prayer Potions: The vast majority of prayer options are unlocked as a member. But prayer potions are very important for whatever kind of combat you have. The most obvious reason is that it will allow you to use prayer to block magic ranged or melee attacks, which will keep you alive longer.

Runescape Exclusive Abilities

Once you pass each quest you will be awarded certain skills. In addition to the 15 skills you have when you are a free player, you will have 8 exclusive member skills. These abilities will grant you new mechanics in the game and will enable you many useful objects. Below you will be able to see some exclusive skills explained in detail.

Agility: This ability is going to be a very useful improvement for your character. Well, it will allow you to use shortcuts in many routes and it will also increase the speed with which the energy is recharged.

Herblore: With this ability you will be able to make all kinds of potions, among some of them are stamina, energy, prayer, attack, defense and magic potions.

Thieving: When you can use this ability you will be able to steal currency and objects from markets and characters that are not other players. You can also unlock doors and disarm traps that you love to facilitate access to many areas.

Fletching: With this ability you will be able to make different weapons and rank ammunition. With this you can create your own bows and arrows without having to buy them at the Grand Exchange, which will save you some money.

Slayer: With the Slayer ability you can fight against enemies that can only be fought when you have a specific Slayer level. To train this skill you will have different teachers who will give you tasks with specific enemies to defeat.

Farming: By possessing the Farming skill you will be able to cultivate and harvest fruits, vegetables and herbs. Many of the crops you have will be able to make a profit for you by selling them.

Construction: With this skill you will have the possibility to build and decorate your house as you wish. Your house can be a very useful place after you have added many objects. Well, in it you can add a bank, transport yourself to many places and recharge your prayer points.

How to buy RuneScape membership? The best way to buy a membership is within the game. The Great Exchange is located northwest of Varrock. There you can talk to a character in a blue suit where you can put the amount of buy 2007 Runescape gold you have to buy the Old School Bond. After all, it’s recommended to buy RuneScape gold if you want to be a professional player.

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