What Types of Hair Systems Are There for Men?

What Types of Hair Systems Are There for Men?

Hair systems, whose full name is non surgical hair replacement systems, are usually hairpieces that men or women wear to cover the partial or the entire head.

However, partial hair systems for men, or men’s partial hair systems, are the hairpieces that cover a particular area or spot of the man’s head. Typical hair systems or toupees cover mainly the forehead and the top of the head.

This post will discuss some of the most popular hair systems for men, so you know what to shop for when you or your client asks for one of the best partial hair replacement systems.

Shall We Get the Names Right for the Hair Systems?

Some of our men fellas get confused when shopping for their so-called men’s hair systems. But before we classify them, we must first clarify the names of the hair systems for men.

What are Toupees?

Toupees and hair systems or non surgical hair replacement systems are interchangeable. They mean the same thing.

When talking about hair, which is not your natural hair and covers your head partially, we are talking about a toupee or a hair replacement system. If the hairpiece covers the entire head, then that’s a wig. The best wigs out there are human hair wigs.

So when we say toupee, we mean hair system partially covering the head. Most of the time, when we mention hair systems or non surgical hair replacement systems, we mean toupees. Usually, hairpieces and toupees are used interchangeably.

Most toupees, especially those made with PU skin bases, get attached to the head using specially-made adhesive or glue. Lace or monofilament bases are like little nets usually taped to the wearer’s scalp. Many mono or lace base toupees that have PU skin perimeters can also be attached by applying either adhesive or tape to the perimeter’s skin side and get attached.

Either you can choose toupees for men with long hair or short hair. It’s up to you. But they are all toupees.

What Are Wigs?

Sometimes people use “wigs” and “toupees” interchangeably. Anyway, they can be regarded as the same thing. Most wig sellers sell toupees, too.

You go to a toupee and wig seller and say you want a wig(as most people would call them), but you need a toupee; they will certainly show you the correct item.

To clarify the two terms, ‘wigs’ are hairpiece products that cover the whole head, whereas ‘toupees’ are the hair units that cover the head partially. For a precise understanding, wigs mainly cover the forehead and the top, where most men get bald.

Wigs can also have long-hair or short-hair wigs. It all depends on what you need.

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What Are Permanent Hair Systems for Men?

Some people call them permanent hair wigs for men or permanent toupees. Either way to call them is acceptable. When talking about permanent hair systems, we mean attachment.

Permanent hair systems for men are glue-on or tape-on hair systems that, once attached, the wearer cannot take it off whenever they want. They have to visit a professional hairstylist to get them removed professionally.

Temporary hair systems are clip-on or silicone hair systems or wigs that men can quickly put on their heads and take off daily so that the scalp can better breathe.

What Are Partial Hairpieces for Receding Hairline?

Partial hair pieces are also known as partial hair systems. As their name suggests, partial hair systems are hairpieces that only cover the head partially, not the whole head. It could be a frontal (or frontal hair system) or a topper.

A frontal is a hairpiece that covers the forehead. Once put on, the wearer will regain the look of an entire hairline at the front, while a topper is a partial hairpiece that covers only the top where it is bald.

What Are Hair Patches?

Hair patches are small little hair systems that cover only small bald spots over the head. Hair patches are an ideal solution for men or women with alopecia.

Usually, hair patches can be cut into smaller pieces to cover whatever shapes and sizes the bald spot is. They are cheap men’s hairpieces. Often, we can cut an old standard hair system into smaller pieces to use as hair patches.


By now, we know some of the popular terms for hair systems for men. Hair systems are short for non surgical hair replacement systems. Unlike full cap wigs, they cover the wearer’s head partially, but mainly the entire forehead and the top of the head. We call these units hair replacement systems or standard toupees.

Partial toupees or hair systems are those that, instead of covering the forehead and the top, cover even fewer areas than that. For hair systems that cover the forehead, we call them frontals or frontal hair systems. Partial hair systems that cover only the crown, we call them toppers. The ones that cover any small bald spots, we call them hair patches.

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