Who Are The Red Raiders?

Have you ever seen people walking around wearing Texas Tech Red Raiders coats and wondered who the Red Raiders were? Although you might not have many people in common with you because everybody ought to know who they are, you are probably not alone. Whether you are a fan and want to know more, or you seriously just don’t know here are a few things about this fantastic team that you might not have ever heard of.

Texas Tech Red Raiders

The Red Raiders is the male athletic team that represents Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Although football is the most popular athletic program that Texas Tech has to offer, there is also a men’s basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, and swimming team. The football team has a long history and has been in action since 1925. They have not always gone by the Red Raiders, but they have been part of Texas Tech from the beginning.

How The Red Raiders Got Their Name

In 1936 the nickname Red Raiders came to life. A sports editor by the name of Collier Parrish began calling them this because of the all-red uniforms that they wore and by the way they stormed across the nation to play football with their coast to coast schedule. The name Red Raiders caught on very rapidly and ended up being the name they still go by today.

In Red Raider History

Mrs. Ewing Young Freeland had an idea. She was the better half of the head coach of the Texas Tech team at the time. Mrs. Ewing Young Freeland was inspired by Texas Tech’s school design Spanish architecture. This led her to the idea of deeming the team mascot the Matadors. Everybody else appeared to enjoy the concept so they moved on with it and picked the school colors. On March 15th, 1926, the official colors became red and black. These were the colors of a complete matador’s colors, a red cape, and a black outfit.

The American Game

Football has been a part of our great country for many years. The first official NFL game was played on October third, 1920 with the Dayton Triangles against the Columbus Panhandles. As the popularity of football grew stronger, so did the hopes and dreams of young athletes that hoped to someday grow up and play professionally for their favorite team. This is the whole reason why there are strong athletic programs in colleges like Texas Tech that turn dreams into realities for the people that choose to work hard and make it happen.

Texas Tech Red Raiders Apparel

Since the Texas Tech Red Raiders are such a part of football history, it is no wonder why their clothing is so popular. People from all over the country wear Texas Tech gear, including the Wreck ‘Em Tech Gameday T-shirts in support of Gameday. Since the ominous threat of COVID19 has become part of our everyday lives Texas Tech decided to offer Red Raider facemask and t-shirt combinations.