Why Are Women Made To Wear Hats In The Churches?

Have you ever asked yourself, why are there church hats for women? Wearing the “Sunday best” is the only means to present on your own appropriately when you wish to show respect. Yet hats are typically removed in official settings. Therefore, what makes this kind of accessory welcome to have in church?

Recalling In Time

The response lies in its background. As early as in the 1910s, ladies started head covering utilizing “chapel veils,” or even various other head dressings as well as accessories. Because the 20th century went on, the custom came to be so obvious that it soon emerged as a staple of church-going society.

Throughout the 1950s, it was not only typical but anticipated for older women to wear hats to church. The hats found at Baptist churches, for example, were elaborately bright, strong, and vivid, featuring wide borders that contended for interest with various other stylish hats. Clearly, it was an extremely trendy proposal to think about a hat for church on Sunday.

Fancy hats especially were popular in the African-American churches back then. Though they were very fashionable, it is very important to keep in mind that they weren’t considering significant style declarations. In reality, it was a nod to the practice of women covering their heads during religious prayer. Although it was not uncommon to merely curtain a standard cloth over the head, spiritual women should have worn an official female‚Äôs hat. Stunning head treatments were essentially a tribute to a greater power.

Stylish Church Hats Today

What took place in between the proper wear of yesteryear as well as the modern woman that often tends to eschew the stylish hat for something more casual? Once more, we can consider history. In the 1980s, an adjustment in lady’s youth style caused fashionable designs without covering of heads. Nowadays, dressing for the church is a study in the most standard of a formal outfit. Some could turn up on the basic pants as well as some variant of a tee. A plenty of do still put on formal matches, in which a hat would perfectly fit the look.


Lots of women take into consideration hats crucial for their church closets. Definitely, older women see no factor in getting rid of the one piece that makes their church-service sets so noteworthy. Actually, it was considered a major indication of respect to dress up for church from head-to-toe. In the later part of 1950, the Bennett College for Female, situated in Greensboro, North Carolina, called for young women to put on hats to church, and even when they left campus!

Today, hats have reentered popular style, making many looks in lady’s brochures. Celebrities and style fans alike have been seen showing off woven hats, wide-brimmed fedoras, drooping hats, and various other fun designs in a range of colors to match their outfits. It’s secure to state that a trendy hat now exists for every single season as well as celebration, including a spirited touch to a woman’s closet.