Why Choose a Garden Wedding in Sydney?

One of the most populous and most famous cities in Australia is Sydney. It is the capital of New South Wales. It has got to be one of the most favourite cities that both Australians and non-Australians want to visit. It has many exciting tourist spots that you can see and enjoy. Once you step foot on the borders of Sydney, you’ll want more because the food, arts, and entertainment there are really unique.

Your choice may be endless. The variety of sights to see in Sydney is truly wide. You can see some historical streets and places, visit museums and art centres, and shop from its lovely markets and fashion stores. You can enjoy the city by walking along the shores or other places like the famous Harbour Bridge. And you need to cross out visiting Sydney’s Opera House on your bucket list because it is one of the world’s most famous landmarks.

Sydney is also home to glamorous hotels and function rooms that host special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc. Maybe you are getting married, or you know someone who is getting married, then Sydney has a lot to offer. Most people prefer a church wedding, but it also has become trendy to get married at the beach or in a garden. When you choose the latter, you hit two birds with one stone. You only need one place to do the wedding ceremony itself and the reception, unlike a church wedding where you need two different venues. And as mentioned, there are many available garden wedding venues sydney offers.

Advantages of Choosing an Outdoor Wedding

It gives your Wedding a more Refreshed and Relaxing Ambience

Your decorations will also look more aesthetically pleasing; nothing beats the true beauty of nature. You can also explore how you want to decorate your venue, and you will need fewer materials since the view itself already looks stunning. Unlike indoor or church weddings, it may be more difficult to decorate the interior since the furniture and pieces are fixed. There is a limit on how your decorations will look, but the ideas will be limitless in a garden wedding. You are the one to decide how you want to design your venue.

Your Wedding Pictures will Look More Stunning

You’ll have a very beautiful background in all your wedding photos. Everything will match – from your wedding gown, the outfits of your guests, the decorations, to the venue and view itself. Taking pictures will be effortless, and the lighting will be spot-on.

You’ll Have More Space

Yes, churches are also big and spacious but have you ever noticed how an open space could make something feel so much bigger? When you opt for a garden wedding, you’ll have a larger and more breathable space for you and your guests. The only thing that you have to consider is the number of people that you are inviting. If you want a more intimate wedding and just invite a few guests, choose one of the garden wedding venues sydney has that is not too big and spacious so that they will not feel “empty” or too large.


A garden wedding is also less expensive than a church wedding. As mentioned, you do not need to spend too much on decorations since the view or the venue itself already looks amazing. You also don’t need to find separate venues for the ceremony and the reception because the garden functions as both already. Choosing a garden wedding will give you many advantages, such as aesthetics, effortless lighting, beautiful photos, and more space. Getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so make sure to be prepared and do what you and only your heart desire.