Why Should I Use Coroplast for My Yard Sign?

While no one can deny the importance of online advertising in this day and age, good old physical signage still has its unique charm. Especially for small business owners, physical signage is one of the most valuable advertising and marketing tools available today. Custom yard signs can be put anywhere to attract the target demographic for your business and require very little investment.

Although there are numerous options available in the market for the choice of custom signage materials, coroplast remains one of the most popular ones due to its multiple benefits over other materials. Coroplast is a corrugated plastic material that is used for indoor and outdoor signs. The custom graphics are layered around a central plastic segment that imparts structural strength to the sign and ensures durability. Read on as we take a look at what makes types of signs so desirable.


Custom coroplast signage are a highly economical solution to all your advertising problems. Since these signs are made from high-grade plastic materials, they tend to cost less than their metallic and wooden counterparts. Due to their cost-effectiveness, coroplast signs are perfect for small businesses with low advertising budgets.

Flexible Placement

Coroplast signs are lightweight and portable. You can easily transport them between different locations and take them anywhere. It allows for flexible sign placement, which means that you can easily change the location of the sign according to the local patterns of foot traffic around your area of business or residence to attract more customers.

Low Maintenance

Custom coroplast signs require little to no maintenance on a regular basis. Unlike other materials that might require special care or maintenance, coroplast signs can be left on their own for long periods. It is especially beneficial for businesses that cannot afford to lose precious time on meticulously maintaining signs. All you need to do is clean your coroplast sign once in a while, and you are good to go!

Weather Resistant

Coroplast signs are weather-resistant, which makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. These signs are highly durable and not affected by rain, snow, or hailstorm and remain as good as new despite harsh weather conditions in your area. The fact that these signs remain strong in the face of unpredictable weather is what makes them a unique and wise choice for advertisers everywhere.


Unlike some metallic and wooden signs, coroplast signs provide you the choice of having double-sided designs that come in handy for outdoor signs placed in yards or around pavements, etc. Additionally, these signs can be used anywhere from windows, walls, and doors to outdoor sign standings, etc., offering versatile placement.

Highly Customizable

Corrugated signs are highly customizable, and you can order them in different sizes and shapes according to your advertising needs. Combined with their economical prices, large signs can give your business the visibility and customer reach it truly deserves while offering a high return on your initial investment in coroplast signage.